Saturday, July 16, 2016

Those Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

Well, here we are folks.  Right in the middle of the hazy, crazy days of summer.  

The photo above I took last night as I was returning from my early evening bike ride just as the sun was setting in my development. Oh how I do love my evening bike rides.

The heaving hand of heat and humidity continues to oppress this southern Delmarva peninsula where I live.  One the one side if the Delaware Bay and the other the Chesapeake Bay.  No wonder we have major humidity most of the summer.  Just like the Florida peninsula experiences hum ditty most of the summer.  We do too folks!

So what's up with Ron today? Well, I tend to stay in my air condition manse on days like this.  I think Bill is outside doing something, who knows what.  I took my early morning walk at 7 am this morning, before the sun was totally high in the sky.  Once that sun is up there, the heat and humidity is almost unbearable.  At least it is for me, the old codger I have become.  75 years old this year folks!  Can you believe it?  Just about every day I think "how is it I have survived when most of my friends and relatives has passed on to the Great Beyond?"  

If you had asked me back in my foolish youth "How long are you going to live Ron?" I would probably have answered "Oh, fifty or sixty."  Never in a million years would I have ever believe I would still be going strong in my seventy fifth year on this planet.  

As I sit here in front my my 27 inch, iMac computer listening to my Bose radio playing my Internet Pandora Antiques Beat radio, in the air conditioned comfort of my home office, I think of all those places in the world that are undergoing almost unthinkable suffering right now.  From the failed coup attempt in Turkey last night to the truck driven mowing down hundreds of Bastille Day celebrators in Nice France, I consider myself so fortunate to be in my safe and comfortable home.  My only worry now (and I hate to admit this) is that this country would truly go to hell in a hand basket if the Ultimate Con Artist (he's bamboozled literally millions of voters) is elected president.  My concern is not only Supreme Court nominations which would roll back so many advances man in justice but to the uncertainty of a Trump presidency.  Not to go on a rant, which I am sorely tempted to do, but a Trump presidency would destroy this county.  Did I make that perfectly clear?  Trump is only interested in winning, he isn't actually interested in governing.  He's too lazy to do that.  He has the attention span of a gnat.  Stop it Ron!  I just stopped myself from gong on a rant.

So folks, stay cool.  I just did.


Ur-spo said...

No humidity here but temps are near 115. Nothing to do but estivate for two-three months.

Ron said...

We have lots of humidity here, as is usual for this time of year. Nothing to do but stay inside and catch up on my Scrabble games and blogs.