Saturday, July 23, 2016


That's us here on the East Coast folks! Under that heat dome.

Wow! Is it hot where you are?  Here, in southern Delaware, we're under a heat dome.  It's hot here folks!

So did any of you see the Republican Convention in Cleveland last week?  That Parade of Hate. That dystopian vision of Gotham City that Donald J. Trump envisions that America is.  And, of course, Donald J. Trump is the ONLY person who can save us from sliding into Mad Max vision he and his supporters have of America. Folks, Donald Trump is a sociopath. He is even a greater danger to this country today.

Trump giving acceptance speech at Republican Convention 

The hate and vitriol that was displayed during the Republican Convention was not our country folks. Scary. Truly scary.  I know there are yahoos out there.  Racists that have gloamed onto Trump and his message of wrecking the system.  Heck, I've even felt the same way myself.  I know there are folks who have legitimate concerns about the "rigged system" and want to break all the china and start over again.  But to elect Donald J. Trump as president?  A man who has probably never read a book in his entire life?  A man who has a zero attention span for the most important job in the world?  I don't think so folks.  But you know what?  He could just be elected.  That prospect literally causes chills to run down my spine. 

Enough said about that subject.

How are things going here?  Well, it's HOT here folks.  If I go outside even for a few minutes, I'm soaked in sweat. Shower time!

Temps here!

This hot and humid weather takes all the "oomph" out of me.  I don't have much of an appetite, which is good (got to get rid of my paunch and role which I fear I'm stuck with for the rest of my life). I don't feel like doing much housework and I certainly can't work outside (which I love) because I fear passing out from a heat stroke. Seriously, I do fear becoming one of those old folks that dies of heat exhaustion and is a statistic in the summertime newspapers.

I'm looking forward to watching the Democratic Convention next week.  The contrast will be so great.  From the Republican Convention that portrays America as Gotham City.

Gotham City

 As a Mad Max landscape. 

Mad Max landscape envision by Donald J Trump as America today

 To the Democratic Convention which will portray America as it really is, a country of diversity and hope.  A country where the rest of the world want to come to.  A country that some Muslim extremists are so jealous of that they seek to destroy it (which will never happen).  

I go for the light every time folks over the dark.


  1. Hot here, too.Yesterday, not so much today. I can't believe Trump's supporters actually thing he gives a rat's ass about them. They are as delusional as he is. Let's hope the DNC goes better.

    1. Jono,
      Watching the first day of the DNC now. Lots of acrimony after the e-mail leaks and furious Bernie Sanders' supporters.

  2. Last summer was my first in Tennessee and it wasn't bad at all. Not too hot and surprisingly low humidity. This summer, however, is a BITCH! The humidity is beyond intense. I tried to work out in the yard on several occasions and almost passed out after only a few minutes. Much like you, I thought I was going to keel over from heat stroke. Whatever you do, stay indoors during the heat!

    The early mornings are always extremely foggy here in the mountains. I love watching the fog from my bedroom window,
    I'm still reading the book about Goldwyn, which I love. It has lots of Hollywood information. I'm also reading the River Phoenix bio and Mickey Rooney. So very many to choose from!! Thanks again!

    1. Jon,
      When Bill and I visited the mountains of western North Carolina a few years ago, we were impressed with the fog in the mountains. Actually clouds that you could almost touch.
      I'm so glad you're enjoying the "Hollywood" books that I sent to you. I have book other subjects (politics) but I'm not sending them to you.

  3. It is very hot and very humid here. But that is the norm in South Florida this time of year. I'm spending my time re watching the TV series "The Fosters". (an interracial lesbian version of "The Walton's") I have a crush on the character Gabe.

  4. We grazed 90 (just) a few days ago, now back to mid-70s, which'll do me just fine (A little lower will be even better). However, for you, in addition to your regular Summer temps, sizzling though they have been, you've had to put up with all that additional hot wind coming from an Ohio direction. Yikes! You must have been calling out "Mercy!"


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