Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sirens in Sussex County

Just got back from our Daily Ride.  Every day I try to take Bill out of the house for his daily ride.  

This morning we stopped at the Post Office.  I had more books to mail to my blogger friend Jon.  By the way, Jon writes a very interesting blog called "Lone Wolf Concerto."  Check it out here.

We took our usual ride down Oyster Rocks Road to the Broadkill River.  Then on the way back I drove us through the Osprey Landing development and the Oyster Rocks development, which adjoins our housing development.  We have to check the progress of the new houses.  We're the unofficial housing inspectors.

The temperature and the humidity is climbing today.  On days like this the birds in our backyard make good use of our eight bird baths.  While I was out replenishing the bird baths I heard the wail of multiple sirens and the "WHAP! WHAP!" of an overhead helicopter.  


The last time we had this much excitement down here in Lower Slower  (LSD) was when Joan Rivers majestically graced the Great Unwashed down here with her presence by arriving in a ridiculously long, black stretch limo with triple darkened windows.  But alas, Joan is no longer with us so what could all this cacophony be about?

Vice President Biden?  Uncle Joe frequently visits but his visits aren't usually accompanied with all that racket. 

Maybe a memorial service for the first of the
 five slain Dallas Police officers?  Probably. 

Tell you what, I'll let you know when I find out. 

This kind of activity keeps up folks, we'll lose our reputation as Lower Slower.

Note:  Just got an update.  All this activity was a gathering of firefighters from across the state to honor the memory of a local firefighter who fell to his death from a helicopter during a training exercise. 


Jon said...

Wow, that's a huge calamity for a quiet town. I wonder if somebody robbed the bank.... It could be an escaped prisoner on the loose. Keep the doors locked, Ron.

The humidity is really irking me this year. But - on the bright side - this is the first rainless day we've had in a week. Many thanks for pimping my humble blog. My two most recent posts are boring because they were about my missing cat (recently found). Did you read my recent Mephistopheles post? It can be found on my sidebar. It's about a gay porn movie director I knew in Hollywood.

I read the "Full Service" book by Scotty Bowers and it was a complete jaw-dropper. I truly found most of it very difficult to believe, but his information on the sexuality of the stars is basically accurate. He also said that Mae West moved from Ravenswood to El Royal before she died but I doubt if this is true. I talked to Mae West's companion Paul Novak shortly before she died and they were still living at Ravenswood.

I hope this is making some sense. My cat Bosco just jumped up on the table and is screwing up my computer keyboard with his paws and big ass. I'll write more later!

Jon said...

I just checked and saw that you did indeed read my Mephistopheles post. Sorry for that, Ron! (you don't have to post this comment)

Ron said...

I am so glad you found Scruffy. Many years ago we thought we lost our little five pound Pomeranian puppy "Babydoll." The noise from an overhead balloon (gas fueling the flames) scared the daylights out of her. This happened when we lived in Pennsylvania in the woods on the side of a hill. Every summer we had hawks that summered on our 6.875 acres of land. We were afraid that one of the hawk got her. We were sick to death. The next morning we found her trembling behind one of our bushes next to the house. Were we ever relieved. We had visions of her being torn apart by mama hawk for her ravenous young ones in her big nest in the pine trees just below our house. By the way, any of your posts about your trio of felines is never boring, to me anyway!

Ron said...

It is interesting to read Scotty Bower's book. I have to admit I was shocked by some of his revelations I found myself believing them. How about Charles Laughton's favorite "sandwich"?

Jon said...

Ron, I'm sorry to plague you with another comment, but I thought of something. Everything Scotty Bowers said about Charles Laughton is true. Long ago, when I was in my teens, I read Elsa Lanchester's autobiography. She knew her husband Laughton was gay - and she did mention that he had some peculiar and disgusting sexual fetishes. One of them involved SCAT.

Raybeard said...

Could it have been the Trump? I can't imagine him going ANYwhere without broadcasting his presence to the entire Universe!