Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Morning

Every morning, as I come to life from my sleep torpor, the first thing I do (after taking a pee of course) is to open the curtain to the right of my bed.  

I love light.  I love my backyard.  I love getting up when I want to get up.  

Every time I look out my bedroom window in the morning I see something different.  This morning I saw an overcast day.  The leaves on my three river birch trees have almost gone.  The praying mantis that has taken up residence on my pink rose bush was a no-show this morning.  I hope nothing happened to her.  Maybe she had a full stomach.  Yesterday morning she was chomping away on a hapless insect when I looked out.

One of the very best things about retirement is that I get up when I want to.  No alarm to jar me awake, just when my body tells me "It's time to get up Ron.  Enough beauty sleep for you." I remember all those years (40 plus) that I HAD to get up in time to get to work on time.  Oh how many times I dreamed of the day when I could get up when I wanted to get up.  Even with my part-time job, I don't have to get up early because I work the second shift (3 pm to 11 pm).

After I check out the back yard I go to the bathroom and shave.  Then around the corner to our kitchen and breakfast.  I take my herbal fiber blend mix first.  Then the 20 minutes I have to wait for that to take effect I go downstairs to the basement to pump 25 with my weights.  Then breakfast.

My breakfast always consists of the same thing, a bran cereal with 100% vitamins and fiber with fruit.  I used to have bananas but now I go for peaches or strawberries and 2% milk.  

After breakfast I brush my teeth then I'm off to my home office and my computer.  So much to do on my computer.  I usually update my blog first but not always.  Sometimes I check my e-mails but I'm almost always behind on my e-mails.  I rarely check the news on my computer.  For that I have my TV on as background wallpaper.  Some of the news seeps through by osmosis to my brain. Lately all the news has been about they dysfunction in Washington so I tune it out.  Seen this movie before.

It's 12 pm now.  Time for lunch then a nap then off to work at the hotel.  I lead an exciting life don't I?



anne marie in philly said...

wheeeeeeeeeeee! quite a ride! at least no MD appointments today! :)

Larry Meredith said...


That was a very nice little piece. My mornings are very similar, except because of the medications I take I can't eat anything for a couple of hours and I don't even have the part-time job to jar my schedule. Today, though, I had an electrician in at 8:30 AM. I think this is finally the last interruption of the long list of such over the last year and a half. Hopefully I am now free to follow my own schedule in full.


Ron said...

Anne Marie,

I feel like I'm missing an appointment. I've had so many this year. Thank God I have health coverage.


Ron said...


I like routine. Oh sure, every now and then a little variation but generally, I like routine. This year has been one big disruption of my routine. I'm glad that I'm getting back to "routine" again.


David Jeffreys said...

It is so nice to be retired. And because of it, I stay up much too late at night and sleep late in the morning. But right now, I have my phone alarms set for every 6 hours (12-6-12-6) to remind me to take my antibiotics on time, because they must be evenly spaced out. I am now on day 5 of 10 days. There is a problem with some ulcers on my left leg again. Friday, I have to be at the surgeon's office at 10 am (Ugh - too early!) for them to do an ultrasound and have the doc look at my leg. Then next week, I will start having regular physical therapy appointments to have my leg "una booted." I've been through all this before, and it is such a nuisance, but it is necessary. Ulcers don't hurt, but still they must get well. I went for a long time without doctors appointments, but now it seems it is my turn again, starting with my internist last Thursday.

Ron said...


Isn't it a pleasure to go a week (or two) without a doctor's appointment? During my thirty plus years in my banking career, I went YEARS without an appointment. Now I can hardly go a month without one.

I'm sorry to hear of the problems you're having with your leg. For the past couple of years I have had a circulation problem with my right leg. And sitting at the computer like I'm doing now (for hours in the morning) doesn't help it. I hope your situation takes a turn for the better.


pat888 said...


You've set out a good life for yourself. I realize you are a disciplined - yet easy going guy. You seem to get so much done but not under constraints. Love the photo at the end!


Ron said...

That I am Pat. You see that in me where few do, which has always puzzled me. About the photo on the end, I don't even remember where it was taken but I like the contemplative nature. I think it was one of my "selfie" pictures.


Ur-spo said...

retirement sounds delightful.