Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Congratulations President Obama

Congratulations President Obama for facing down the tea bagger Republican hostage takers!

The odious Canadian Texas Senator Ted Cruz exits left with his tail between his legs, still lying about "the American people" wanting the shutdown of the American government unless the Affordable Care Act was repealed.  

Canadian Texas Senator Ted Cruz
We dodged another bullet folks.  The Republicans, who tout the Constitution so much and yet tried to circumvent the Constitution by hold the government hostage, failed again to bring the government to a halt.  He failed to destroy the Obama presidency.

What consistently amazes me is how many of the tea bagger supporters (double entendre alert!) vote and demonstrate against their own interests.

I wonder where that dueling banjo playing Confederate flag waver is today?  You can bet one thing, he's not back on his job. 


Congratulations again President Obama for standing up to the hostage takers.  First Osama bin Laden, now Ted Cruz.  Both terrorists who sought to destroy this country.


Bob Slatten said...

Ted Cruz is a disgrace and sadly, neither he nor his idiot minions know it.

anne marie in philly said...

only problem - we gotta do this again in 6 months. UGH!

somebody has to rein in the rethuglicans. NOW!

Stan said...

That idiot waving the confederate flag along with the United States Marine Corps flag does NOT represent the USMC at all. Many a US Marine fought and died for his right to do that. I don't know what he was trying to prove other than the fact that he is a homophobic, tea bagging racist.
They just can't stand the fact that there is a black man in the White House who was elected as President. We endured 8 long years of the Bush/Cheney regime and had to put up with it. They all need to get over it and move on. I'll get off my soap box now. Thanks.

Ron said...


Here's one thing I don't get about Crux and the teabaggers. Wasn't Crus born in Canada? Don't we have a requirement in our Constitution that anyone running for president has to be born in the United States? What was that whole Obama/Kenya thing about? Are the tea baggers conveniently going to forget that Cruz was BORN IN CANADA? Why doesn't the media pick up on this? Perhaps because Cruz make good rating?


Ron said...

Anne Marie,
I don't know about that. I think the Repugs have learned their lesson. If not, then they can try again and give up forever all hope of ever winning the White House or control of Congress.

Ron said...

The cretin waving the Confederate flag in front of the White House is a traitor, plain and simple. He is not a patriotic American. He is a traitor. And you're right, losers like him cannot stand the fact that a black family is living in the White House. Their mantra of "We want our country back" is all about putting the minorities; blacks, Hispanics, gays, women, in their place. They're all losers. They're fighting a losing battle. The only bad thing is they're going to take down some good people with them in their futile war.


Anonymous said...

Ron, I'm so glad our President finally grew a pair of BIG ONES ! He has been the one to cave in these previous battles but this time emboldened by his re-election he just had enough of this repug BS. When Senior Republican Party Members like McCain and McConnell
are denouncing junior members of the party you know the shit has hit the fan! Not sure you all have heard about the "on the sly" "rule change"
in the house that kept Boehner from bringing the "clean CR " to the floor. Normally any house member can request a bill that has passed the
Senate to be brought to an up or down vote in the house. However, the Rules committee with 9 Republicans and 4 Democrats had a back room
session and changed that rule to make only Eric Cantor ( another teabag bitch boy ) able to approve bringing the Senate bills to the house floor.
Thus usurping Boehner's power as speaker to control the agenda. That's why Boehner couldn't do anything. Boehner's Speakership has been
emasculated! Evidently the agreement is he gets to remain Speaker until he retires in 2014. Of course, cementing all the perks and big pension
of the Speaker"s retirement package.
This will all be replayed in March 2014 with the new showdown. I'm glad though because that brings it all closer to the November election cycle
when the public will get to voice their opinion. That 28% Repug approval rating might produce new results for control of the House and maybe
even a super majority in the Senate. We'd be cookin' then. New Jersey's Senate Race yesterday may just be a start as Cory Booker won hands
down. The face of America is changing and the extreme right and white can't believe it or handle it. Too bad the train left and they are still standing on the platform.
Stuart in FL

WARPed said...

Hi Ron,

The dearth of comments here (compared to your other posts) leads me to believe you have touched a nerve for many folks.

Stuart raises many good points, but I'm not sure the Dems are all that much better than the Rethugs...both are pigs feeding from the same corporate trough.

It's like a "good cop...bad cop" routine; both sides have a vested interest to see that the current political system remains in place, as evidenced by the fact that they won't allow any third party candidates to participate in the so-called presidential "debates."

It works in their favor to have both Democrat and Republican constituencies divided and fighting with each other.

What with all this outrage over Obamacare, where is the outrage over Citizens United vs FEC decision?

Who in their right mind would think it's a good idea to allow multinational corporations to infuse unlimited amounts of cash into our democratic elective process, without any disclosure or oversight???

The corporate oligarchy, that's who!!! (I'm talkin' to YOU, Koch Brothers, et al) Or as GWB called them, "the base."

And I'm afraid these guys are winning!

Hang on to your "Gina Raimondo" She's a DEMOCRAT!!!

Oh, and keep the rest of your money under the mattress!



Ron said...

I'm glad Obama finally, FINALLY faced the anarchists down. You're right, the face of America is changing and the extreme right can't believe or handle the fact that everyone, including blacks, gays, and other minorities are going to be treated EQUALLY in this country For so long they have had power and they will do just about anything to get that power back. But that's not going to happen but unfortunately we're going to have to go through more rough times.


Ron said...


First I have to make clear that I don't buy into the old Tom Brokaw mantra "Both sides do it." The tea bag faction of the Rethug Party is wholly responsible for the dysfunction of the government now. They are circumventing the democratic process outlined in the Constitution (which they are so fond of using as a cudgel) by holding the government hostage unless they get their way.

I do agree with you that most members of both political parties are basically owned by corporate interests in this country. Unbridled corporate power is the real enemy in this country.