Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kids at the Reunion

Bob Tipton, Jr. and son Jesse Tipton

This is a photo of my cousin Bob Tipton with his son Jesse Tipton.  Bob is the son of my first cousin Bob, Sr.  

This is what I like about family reunions, meeting cousins for the first time.  This is the first time I've met my cousin Bob's son and his son Jesse.

My friend Mark H. took this very iconic photo of Father and Son.  This is what I also like about family reunions (as opposed to class reunions), moments like this are captured for eternity.  

I wish more children had come to our reunion but it was not to be.  The pavilion I rented had a cool and complete playground right next to it too.  We had four kids at the reunion.  They enjoyed the playground.

I doubt if I'll arrange any more family reunions, but I am glad the folks to this one had a good time.  

Jesse with his dad Bob, Jr.
Many thanks again to my good friend Mark H. of Our Simple Lives for all the fabulous photos he took of my family reunion.

Mark downloading his photos to a flash drive for me


Anonymous said...

Good times, Ron, good times!

Peace <3

Anonymous said...

Noticing the tall balding young guy in the back line of the crowd and how much he looks like you, Ron. Is he blood kin? Also the shorter
fella in the red shirt in the back nearer the end also balding wondered if he isn't blood kin to you as well?
I know the rejection feeling all too well. A group from my college days has had Thanksgiving together every year since 1967. In the mid
80's we elevated it to the entire week of Thanksgiving and call our holiday Etaturk. For years I had my own business with employees that
could cover for me while I was on vacation. After moving to Florida to care for my aging parents I still made the trips up north for each year
many times costing me $1500-2,000 with air fares; limos; car rentals and the cost for the week at one of the resort large homes we would
rent for the festivities. However, after my folks passed away and my real estate business collapsed in 2006 I stopped going after 2007
as I was now working at my present job inspecting foreclosed properties which is a 7 day / 365 day job. My "friends" or 47 years became
very upset with me this past April that I could not commit to attend this year. The phone conversation ended with " well just go ahead and
rot in Florida nice knowin' ya" and that's the last I've heard from anyone. ( We used to be regular phone callers every few days making sure
everything was ok ). It has bothered me but I now wonder if the reason I was invited all these past years was for a monetary reason and
not based on having me really being a part of the group. So I remain in Florida " rotting".
Stuart in FL

Ron said...


I just wished more family had attended. I was very disappointed. But for those who did attend, we had a good time.


Ron said...

Those young men are my cousins. They are the grandsons of my cousin Louise Tipton White who is five days younger than me. So they would be my first cousins, twice removed.
I am sorry to hear that some of your college group treated you unfairly. I had a similar experience with my family reunion. I used to have them every year but stopped in 1997 when I changed jobs (and income). I enjoy the reunions but they do cost me money to pull off (which I don't mind). But when I didn't have the money I couldn't have a family reunion. I'm not sure why the attendance was so down this year. Could be because I posted me and Bill's marriage on Facebook and some of the more religious of my family took offense. Or maybe those relatives just had something else to do on that day even though I did give them a two year heads up. This will probably be the last family reunion I hold because of the lack of interest. Sad for those who do attend but I just don't have the enthusiasm for the effort I have to put forth (plus the cost - I am retired after all and my income isn't going up and Congress is trying to figure out ways to lessen my "entitlements.")

Life is interesting isn't it Stuart?


pat888 said...


Thank goodness for you. You are the glue that keep so many of us together.