Thursday, September 20, 2012

Busy Day

Bill (with red sweater over his shoulder) returning to Dover Subaru dealership

Another busy day here in Ron's World.  Today I had an appointment at Dover Subaru in Dover (where else?) to have the oil changed in my 2010 Subaru Forester and the 15,000 mile maintenance.

The ride to Dover (where all the dead bodies of our heroes from our foreign adventures are returned to this county) was pleasant on this brisk, sunny, fall day.  The traffic was light on our newly repaved, stimulus fund paid for Route 1.  Hey Republicans, there are a lot of folks working at night repaving that road.

Usually when I take my car for an oil change in Dover, which is quite a trip for us (39 miles one way), I'm in and out.  That didn't happen today.  After I dropped my car off, Bill and I walked to the Dover Mall.  I bought three new pairs of Docker pants for work.  Depressingly my size has changed.  I used to wear a 32 waist and 36 length.  I NOW WEAR 34-34!  My waist is expanding and my legs are shrinking.  Wow.  I'm slowly being squished.

J. C. Penneys at Dover Mall

I also stopped in the Hallmark card shop and bought Bill a birthday card (his 84th is next Wednesday) and a pack of sympathy cards.  So many people in my life are dying.  I don't remember this happening when I was a young whipper snapper eagerly looking forward to the weekends when I could hang out at the local gay bar looking for Prince Charming.  How my life has changed!

Well, I slow-jammed my stay at the Dover Mall, figuring I didn't have to rush. Bill was very patient, finally sitting on a bench like any respectable old guy.  We walk back to Dover Subaru and my car still isn't ready.  By the way, I still have my Halter heart monitor on. I had to turn it in today which I was very glad to do.  I sort of got used to it but I was glad to be rid of it too.

When we got back to the dealership and checked on my car it wasn't ready.  Oh man.  So I played Patient Ron.

Patient Ron - waiting
When my car was finally ready, we made a stop at Sam's Club. I renewed our membership ($40.00 for a year) and bought a rotisserie chicken, fresh made Pillsbury fudge brownies (which are DEE-LICIOUS and I will have some after this blog), oatmeal for Bill and fresh sliced fruit jar for Bill.  These are items we can only get at Sam's Club in Dover.  I love living in Delaware but sometimes shopping is a challenge.  I have to go to one store for my Turkey Hill Diet Decaf Orange Ice Tea (Milford Walmart, big chocolate chunk chip cookies (B.J.'s in Millsboro) and Doritos Blazing chips (Rehoboth Beach Walmart).  Thank goodness Delaware is a small state because I have to go from one end to the other to fulfill my culinary needs.

We got back, took off my Holter heart monitor, had lunch then dropped off my Holter monitor at the Cardiovascular office.  When I handed the front desk lady the bag with the heart monitor she said "Gee, my lunch?"  Little humor in the day.

On the agenda tomorrow is a visit to my dermatologist then to the Georgetown VA for my annual flu shot.  I would like a week (or two) that I can just do nothing.  I'm ready to coast.


wcs said...

You're more active than I am some days! Yesterday I did manage to go to the bank and the hardware store. Today I have to saw more logs.

Ron said...


I'm ready for some inactive days. Today I visit my dermatologist and the VA for my flu shot. I think I have the weekend off.


Anonymous said...

Don't read too much into the change in pant size. Men have caught up with women and size almost means nothing now. There maybe some consistency within a brand but one brand's 32 can be another's 28 or 30 (high end) or 34 -38 low end.

It comes down to this: you must try everything on.

Ron said...


I think you're right. I don't feel fatter or look fatter. I have noticed a difference in sizes between different manufacturers but my weight has shifted. Gravity is taking its tool and will, of course, win in the end.