Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekly Roundup

Another week flashed by folks and what a week it was!

This was the week I voted at my new polling location, the Cape Henlopen High School.  What a mess that was!  As usual, the local Slower Lower government (aka Sussex County, Delaware) didn't disappointment with their ineptness in arranging a public location for a civic event which they made almost impossible to access.  Yes folks, the local political mucky mucks arranged to have our new voting location at the Cape Henlopen High School, DURING A SCHOOL DAY, DURING CONSTRUCTION OF THE ENTRANCE TO THE SCHOOL, and WHERE THERE WAS NO PARKING.  Welcome to Sussex County's voter suppression.

Well, after about an hour of dodging and overcoming these hurdles I voted and the next day I was very pleased to discover that BOTH of the gay candidates I voted for WON!  It's about time.  Here on the east coast of southern Delaware, we of the gay community of mainly occupy this little sliver of land from Rehoboth Beach, Lewes, and Milton are now finally going to have our OWN representation and not have to beg and plead (and kiss ass) with the local STRAIGHT lawmakers to get some equality here for our increasingly gay heavy population.  Yes Virginia, a gay man and a gay woman won election.  See here.

Andy Staton, our new state senator candidate
Yes, Any is "straight friendly."  Congratulations Andy on your victory!

Marie Mayor, new state house representative candidate
Marie has a business nearby where I live called (appropriately) "Lavender Fields."  I would say!  For news of her election victory see here.  Of course these are both primary wins.  I fully expect the straight candidates to pull out all stops to emphasize the fact that they are the "family values" candidates with the prerequisite photos of them and their families, holding their adorable children.  This will be Marie Mayor's Republican opposition in the November general election.
Tom "I'm Straight!" holding Princess Suri

Ernie Lopez, winner of the Republican primary for state senator, with the "Tom Cruise "Look I'm Straight!" holding his daughter (who is old enough to stand on her own two feet).  
The Lopez Family (holding those kids again)

This was the week (staying on the political theme) that the Romney campaign blew itself up by Romney's blatantly political opportunistic Hail Mary pass to take the lead in the presidential race by blaming president Obama for the assault on the U.S. Embassy in Cairo even before it happen.  Romney, by his action this week, showed that he is nothing more than a crass political opportunist who is driven by nothing more than ambition.  This week was Romney's "Lehman Moment".  This in reference to the last presidential campaign when John McCain decided to "suspend" his campaign so he could "fix" the economic crises brought on by the eight years of the Bush-Cheney regime.

Mitt Romney - Loser

Enough for politics. The second in the series of my heart tests went all right (I guess).  I had an echocardiogram.  I was very impressed that my heart has been beating three score and ten years.  Keep on beating heart!

Friday I visited my general practitioner doctor and was pronounced fit to serve another ten years or more of  blog postings.

Yesterday I visited my friends who were removed to a furnished condo, after no longer able to care for themselves.  The one is the same age as me and the other nine years younger than Bill (my love).  Seeing them in their troubled and helpless situation made me realize how fortunate Bill and I are to still have our  good health and our wits about us.  I would like to attribute that happy circumstance to the fact that Bill and I stimulate our minds and bodies with lots of activity unlike our friends who seemed to atrophy after they retired.

I started work my new shift of Mondays and Tuesdays at the hotel, replacing my former shift of Wednesday and Thursday.  Of course I still get the questions of "What are your rooms like?" (NICE!  What do you expect me to say?)  and the ever popular "Do you have a pool?" (NO!)  Working at the beginning of the week instead of smack dab in the middle of the week makes it seem like I have a longer week which is good.


I feel fall in the air.  Unfortunately our resident rabbit in our backyard ate all of our impatiens plants.  Impatiens plants do so well in the fall.  They struggle in the summer heat but provide a wonderful palette of cool color in the fall.  That's not to be this fall so don't look for my annual blog header photo of our impatiens.

Bill and I are off to an abandoned church cemetery in Gumboro, Delaware (near the Maryland border) this morning.  There is a chill in the crisp pre autumn air this morning, perfect for exploring and taking photos in an old Delaware cemetery in the hinterlands.

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ron,

I'm so jealous of your pompas grass. I've had one in the back corner of our lot for years & it has never had plumes. I just enjoy the ones others have. Does it take two to pollinate? That thought just popped into my head as everywhere you look there is usually more than one. Hmmmm.....

I'm glad your work schedule is working out now. Hopefully it stays that way for you.

No comments on the political scene for me. I'm so disappointed in both candidates I don't discuss it at all.

Have a great week!


anne marie in philly said...

busy week ahead for you two; and the fall air feels great! smooches!

Ur-spo said...

I dislike Mr. Cruise even more than Mr. Romney.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

This is really a CLOSE call. They are both very unpleasant people. Perhaps Romney has the edge because of his lies without shame. Tom is just a control freak. For the life of me I never saw the appeal of Tom Cruise.


Ron said...

Thanks Anne Marie! I'm loving the crisp fall air too.


nitewrit said...


Hmmm, that is disturbing picture at the top of your post. Why does that person herding those Flamingoes have scissors in their back pocket?


Ron said...


I am/was disappointed in Obama when he promised to push for a single payer system in health care then backed away from it without even trying. Also, he didn't close Guantanamo and didn't prosecute the Bush administration war criminals who approved of water-boarding suspects. However, I was happy that he lifted the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" ban and isn't trying to eliminate Medicare and privatize Social Security by turning over those funds to the greedy insiders of Wall Street. If Romney and Ryan are elected, I'm in trouble as a retiree who depends on Medicare and Social Security. I have no family support system to help me once those funds (that I earned) are reduced.

About the Pampas grass. I don't know what the secret is but it grows like mad here on our property. In fact, I had to pay a young man and his girlfriend to take out three pampas grass plants that got too big. I cut them back every year, maybe that's the trick. I do know they need plenty of sun. I don't think they need two to pollinate. Good luck with yours.


Ron said...


Yep, those are scissors in HER back pocket. I wonder what she was going to do to those flamingos.


Anonymous said...

You obviously don't know Andy Staton. He's the gay Mitt Romney. All he ever talks about is money, who has it and who doesn't.

Think he cares about gay marriage? Then why is he in a relationship with a married man (cough*cough sugar daddy)?

My partner of 27 years and I have had ample opportunity to meet Andy at local parties and he is not the representation we need in this area.

Ron said...

Okay Anonymous. Why is it that when I receive negative comments to my postings like yours they are always signed "Anonymous?" You're right, I don't know Andy Staton personally. I only know of him from his ads as a real estate person and his photos in Camp Rehoboth. So what do you suggest I do? Live with the man? Just WHAT do you suggest I do ANONYMOUS? Show some courage and send me a direct e-mail with your name on it so I can discuss this matter with you farther so I can make an INFORMED decision instead of responding to a coward who signs his comments Anonymous.