Friday, September 28, 2012

Isaac, Ron and Bill

Isaac (my brother), me and Bill (my spouse) - September 23, 2012

The photo above was taken by my good friend Mark Himes of "Our Simple Lives....".  The photo was taken last Sunday, at about 4:30 pm at my brother Isaac's home (our former family home) on Hopewell Road in East Brandywine Township, four miles north of Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

I had just attended my 53rd high school reunion (Downingtown High School Class of 1959.)  Mark took pictures of at our reunion for me.  Bill wouldn't attend the reunion with me, to my great disappointment.  He still feels uncomfortable attending such a function in his role as my partner/spouse of 48 years.  He refused to go in spite of my pleas that "no one cares!"  Some of my classmates have met him one on one and liked him.  In fact, everyone likes Bill when they meet him.  I used to get a little jealous about that fact because sometimes it seems they like him MORE than they like me.  But I've gotten over that tinge of jealousy over the years.  At least I think I have.

So last Sunday, after the reunion, Mark brought me back to my brother Isaac's home so he could transfer the 518 photos he took to my flash drive so I could take them home with me.  While there I asked Mark to take a few photos of me, Bill and Isaac.  Who knows, at our age we may never see each other again.

Ike, Ron and Bill


anne marie in philly said...

I LOVE your shirt! the colors look good on you! and bill - {{{{{hugs}}}}}!

Ron said...

Thank you Anne Marie! That's my Fifties reunion shirt which has a aqua Cadillac on it.


Ur-spo said...

lovely !

anne marie in philly said...

aqua caddy = mark's big ella!

Raybeard said...

Lovely photos, Ron. I thought at first that you'd posted the same picture twice - but I see that the smiles are disappearing on the second. :-)

Your final sentence above is poignant, yet baldly stating a realism that we've all got to face sometime. I do sincerely hope you can all do it again before too long.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

The days are getting shorter, make happy while we can!


Ron said...


I often think when I leave a friend or relative, "will this be the last time I see them?" At this time of my life that is happening more often. I am cognizant of that fact more now than I was in my Foolish Youth.


Ron said...

You're right Anne Marie! I had forgotten about Big Ella.