Saturday, September 15, 2012

Where Do Old Gay Men Go? Part 2

Bottom right is my friends' apartment

Just got back from visiting my friends who temporarily moved into an apartment because they need more care.

Their situation isn't as bad as I thought.  For one thing they have plenty of light.  I am a firm believer that the amount of light we live in affects our disposition and moods.  I fear living in a dark place.  I would go crazy in a prison cell.  Fortunately my friends are living in a very nice apartment.

My friends at their dining room table - LOTS OF LIGHT!

Their situation is temporary until they can find a place of their own.  They are subletting this apartment from a connection of one of their friends from church.  They had to move to get closer in town for support that they will now need from their friends in their church.  Their church is the Metropolitan Community Church which is a gay orientated church.  It looks like they will get plenty of help from their church.  In fact someone was bringing a meal over for them at 5 o'clock today.  Tomorrow someone will come by to their apartment and taken them to church.

I don't go to church.  There is another potential support mechanism that I will not have in case I have issues as I get older.  For now Bill and I are supporting each other.  In fact, Bill is fixing the garage door opener as I type this blog entry. I'm cooking dinner.  No deliveries here.

The apartment my friends are in now is very comfortable and convenient.  I can see where living arrangements like that would be very advantageous to me if I should have problems in the future as I get older.  Of course I would prefer to stay in this mansion that we live in now but sometimes we don't have a choice, do we?

One thing though, I'm happy for my friends because they seem to be comfortable and well taken care of.

My friends - in a safe place well taken care of


  1. Atleast they are happy until the latest years. People should never give them an opinion about righteousness if they don't have it.

    1. pvc,

      My friends are being taken care of. They have a good support group within their church. Something I don't have and won't have.


  2. that is a comfort.
    Older gay men and women have a lot more 'Fagin complex' than old straights, as they usually have children who may care for them. We have to often 'fend for ourselves'
    I wonder if that makes gay people have a shorter life expectany?

    1. Dr. Spo,

      I do believe gay people have a shorter life expectancy. Bill has often told me he would kill himself if I go before him. If he goes before me, I don't know that I would take such drastic action (the mess and uncertainty of it you know) but I certainly would have less reason to continue to live.



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