Saturday, September 29, 2012

Romney Scares the Baby (and me)

The baby's not buying it either Mitt!

Hey, Romney scares me too!  Babies, like dogs know when somebody is BAD.

I have to admit I am enjoying the total collapse of the Romney campaign for president.  After the real Romney was revealed in the now infamous "47%" tape, almost all of the polls have turned in favor of President Obama and for good reason.  The hidden tape revealed what Mitt Romney really believes, he DOESN'T CARE about the "47%" nor does he care or understand about most of the rest of the country.  The only people he cares about are the "1%" of his fellow plutocrats who want to further plunder this country for their own benefit.

Did you all see Senator Jim Webb's speech a few days ago on this subject?  What really galls me about Romney is his total failure in understanding or supporting our veterans, who are in the "47%."  This is the same Romney who spent his Vietnam eligibility years in France on a beach sending a postcard to his future wife Ann.  See here. I don't blame Romney for avoiding the draft, I did too.  That's why I joined the Army (for three years) so I would have some say (not much as it turned out) over where I went in the Army.  Romney supported the Vietnam war.  He demonstrated for the support of the draft.  But oh, he wasn't about to be drafted.  Oh no, not Mitt Romney.  Romney was quite content to let someone else go in his place to the rice paddies of Vietnam and die or be injured in a senseless war.

Mitt Romney on a French beach 1968 making sand postcards to his future wife while some of his peers were dying in Vietnamese rice paddies

Then, when Romney returns safe and sound from la France after the Vietnam war, he marries Ann and they produce five sons.  Of course NONE of the sons saw fit to offer their service to this country either.  But Romney is quite content to make use of the freedoms of this country and it's capital markets to make a fortune for himself and his family.

Now he wants to complete his resume and be president of the United States of America.  I assume part of the reason he wants to be president is to avenge his father George Romney's aborted run for the presidency of the U.S. after his famous "brainwashed" statement after he returned from a fact finding mission in Vietnam.  The elder Romney claimed that the generals "brainwashed" him into believing the United States was winning the war in Vietnam.  I also think Romney wants to be president because he really believes it is HIS DUE.  After all, he was born with a silver foot spoon in his mouth and in his mind it is only right that he should be president.  After all, he LOOKS LIKE A PRESIDENT.  Qualification enough for someone like Mittsy.  The current version of the Republican Party is only too glad to support him because they see him as an vehicle that they can manipulate for their goals of further tax cuts, and eliminating all social safety net programs.  Yes folks, they do want to take us back to the 19th century.  That's why they are called conservatives.  If the 19th century (with child labor, low wages, seven day works weeks and the elderly living in chicken coops) was good enough for their ancestors, it's good enough for you!

Some of my best friends wear these - they're called "Republican glasses"

Here is what really scares me folks.  Yesterday I was talking to a longtime friend who I like and respect.  He is a conservative Republican and Romney supporter as most of those of my age group.  I casually asked him if he had seen the hidden video clip where Romney mentioned he didn't care about the 47%.  My friend's reaction?  It was the usual knee jerk reaction "Oh THAT!  That doesn't mean anything. That's just the news media taking things the wrong way." 

Friends, this is what really scares me....that so many people like my friend yesterday have these horse blinders on and can't see the obvious even when it is right in front of them.  They think the whole collapse of the Romney campaign is the result of a biased news media rather than the failure of the candidate.  Romney said in his "47%" video "I'll never have their support."  He was referring to the 47% of "victims" who think they are "entitled" to "health care, a job, and a home."  How about the other 47% like my friends who wear the horse blinders?  They my friends will ALWAYS vote for an empty vessel like Romney.

More images of my conservative friends - they're tuned in to "Faux News"

One thing is for sure though, that baby Romney was holding yesterday wasn't fooled.

At least George knew he was scaring the baby


Bob said...

Poor Mittsy.
Now Ann Romney has told an interviewer that if Mitt was elected she'd be worried about his "mental well-being."
Yup, his own wife has inadvertently thrown him under the bus.

anne marie in philly said...

headline in this morning's philadelphia inquirer: "we're going to take pennsylvania".

OH YEAH, ROMNEY? OH HELLZ NO, you lying fucking fuck! we, the 47% you loathe, are voting for barack obama, and ain't nothing gonna stop us!

BTW, get the fuck outta my hometown; you're stinking up the joint! and take the "america for jeebus" people with ya when you go!

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

Mittsy is delusional. The only way he would win Pennsylvania is if the Republican crooks in the statehouse fix the election, which is a real possibility. I am SO GLAD I moved out of PA. And to think I used to be a poll worker. I would be ashamed to be one now, asking people for their "legal" identification, thus perpetuating the block the vote that the crooks in the PA legislature passed into law.


Ron said...


I'm with you again...I.AM.LOVING.IT! Finally enough voters are seeing what a phony and empty suit Romney is and the extreme right wing agenda. Hopefully enough voters will see through the blatant lies that Romney, Ryan and the rest of the Republican non-patriots are foisting on the public. What a bunch of crooks.