Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rolling Thunder

The Dairy Queen in Lewes

We just had a thunder storm roll through here. We needed the rain.  How many times have you heard that phrase this summer?  "We needed the rain"?  Well, we did and the cornfields got a good soak.  The cornfields around here were beginning to dry up.  Stalks of corn, crinkled up, begging for water.

So here we are smack dab in the middle off summer.  I'm having my one fresh corn on the cob for dinner.  Now that we have a Panera Bread Company nearby, I also have a sour dough baguette with my grilled hamburger.  I used one of those George Foreman grills for one (Bill eats at a different time) to grill my hamburger.  Tastes the same as what I used to cook on the big grill on the back deck a few years ago.  I gave that grill away to some of the Guatemalan landscapers who are always mowing some of my neighbors' lawns here in this development where Bill and I live.  Their families are much larger than mine.  It seemed silly for me to cook one hamburger (Bill doesn't like grilled foods and eats at a different time) on a big Char-Broil grill.

This week I work tomorrow and Tuesday instead of Wednesday and Thursday at the hotel.  That should totally screw my week up but hey, Lisa asked me to "switch things up for a change" and why not?

Bill and I don't have anything planned for the rest of the summer.  To be quite frank about it, we're ready for fall and the cool weather.  We both like to get outside in the warm weather and work on our various projects but there does come a time when the novelty wears off.  I'm glad we live in a part of the county (coastal Delaware) where there is a change of seasons.  I'm ready to hunker down for a cold winter and catch up on all my inside stuff.  I still have thousands of old photos to scan in my computer and bore all my blog readers by posting them to my blog.

This fall I've planned another family reunion.  I'm looking forward to that.  My cousins and I aren't getting any younger so as many family reunions that I can organize and pull off is all for the better.  In fact this year our most senior cousin, Charles Tipton, won't make it.  He died a few months ago.  Here I go with the deaths again.

For tonight, I'm going to do some more updates to my Find a account.  Always a relaxing pastime for me (death again?)  Then I'll finished watching season four of "Mad Men."  Oh how I love that show!  I love stories about the human condition and all the strengths and weaknesses we humans have.

Me and my friend Ed in Rehoboth Beach, DE
I still can't get used to all the smoking and sex that takes place in this TV series but I think back to my own times in the Sixties and think "Yes, this really did happen."  I smoked a lot and got "around" a lot to, but maybe not as much as some of my friends.  But I didn't miss much (wink, wink).  These days?  It's all memories and probably for the best.  I did have some fabulous times though. And I can prove it by some of those pictures I have yet to scan.

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