Saturday, July 07, 2012

Laurel Flea Market

Bill checking some of the "goods" for sale at the Laurel Flea Market this morning

Just got in from taking Bill (and myself) for a ride around southern Sussex County this morning.  The temperatures are supposed to get up to 104 degrees today so I figured if I wanted to get out today I better do it early.

We left about 8 o'clock for the car wash in Milton.  I am obsessive about keeping my buggy car clean.  I had road scum on my car from a couple of thunderstorms the past few weeks.  I had to have that film on my shiny, red Subaru.  Got that off this morning at the car wash.  With this heat, even though it was early in the morning, it didn't take too long to dry off my car.

Then, since it was still early I thought I would take a ride to the Laurel Flea Market in Laurel, Delaware which is way down at the southern end of our country.  I didn't want to drive through the circle in Georgetown so I thought I would take the "back way."  Well, you KNOW how that turned out.  We ended up going through the speed trap that is Ellendale, Delaware (no cops or ticket thank goodness even though the speed limit was 25 MPH - I felt like I could have walked faster).

After Ellendale, the road took a sharp turn to either the left or right.  I wanted to get on 13.  Delaware only has three main roads: Rt 1, Rt. 113 and Rt. 13.  The "thirteens" I always get mixed up, I don't know which one comes first.

So of course as is my predilection when faced with making a decision on directions, I took the wrong turn.  Well, to make a long story short, we ended up in the Scrapple Capital of the world, Bridgeville, Delaware, home of Rapa Scrapple.  I love scrapple, used to eat it cold and raw when I was a kid (you all should really fry it though).  I haven't eaten much scrapple since I moved to Delaware though.  I don't eat big breakfasts like I used to (only a bowl of Corn Chex with bananas or strawberries).  No more with all the fried breakfast goodies clogging up my arteries.  I passed on the scrapple this morning, even though I was in the CAPITAL.

The outside tables at the Laurel Flea Market this morning (that's Bill with the blue hat)
Not too many vendors setting up tables outside in this heat

Further on down the road we finally found Rt. 13.  South on 13 about 25 miles is the fabulous Laurel Flea Market.  Folks, the Laurel Flea Market is HUGE!  Most of the vendors are native Sussex County rednecks (a bred all to themselves folks) and our local farm labor pool and dependents, the Guatemalans. Our Little Brown People aren't Mexicans, they're from Central America.  And let me say right now, they are all hard workers and keep our economy going down here in Lower Slower.  I'm not one of these immigrant bashers.  Every day I see these men (who I don't think a one is over 5'4" tall) working in this blazing heat, working their landscaping chores for us privileged Yankees.  I go out of my development in the morning (like this morning) I see them working mowing and trimming the lawns of my neighbors.  I see them working along side the highways.  This morning I saw them at the Laurel Flea Market on their day off (for some of them anyway) with their families. Does my heart good to see these folks working on their American Dream.  I'll take them any day over the spoiled and lazy retired Washingtonians who get way too much in pension benefits and whose only concern is at what restaurant are they going to eat next? Was it really necessary for me to say the last comment?  Perhaps not but I did anyway.  Felt good.

So anyway, Bill and I meandered around the flea market looking at all that trash that these people are selling to each other.  We're soaking up the Local Flavor.  Of course we look like what we were, a couple of ass wipes slumming.

One of the inside booths:  "Bras Galore!"  - something we have absolutely no use for

We pulled into our flowered bedecked driveway a few minutes before 10 a.m., before the heavy hand of heat and humidity of the day begins to strangle us.  I refreshed the bird baths and now I'm going to make my own version of Panera Black Bean soup.  I don't plane to go out the rest of the day except to change the water in the bird baths.  This hot weather is a killer for the birds.  I look out my bedroom window and see the poor things with their beaks half open, panting for air.  I'm glad I have a lot of bushes around my house because that is where they take refuge during the height of the heat of the day.

If you're also in this heat wave, stay in a cool place.  It is dangerous out there.  I'm still dizzy from this morning's escapade.


anne marie in philly said...

"One of the inside booths: 'Bras Galore!' - something we have absolutely no use for"

what a shock; neither do I! bwhahahaha!

I went to the gym at 11 and that's it; got plenty of chores to do inside the central air conditioned house.

our lunch selection today will be chicken tikka masala with brown rice and roti (indian cuisine).

we have zern's for a large indoor/outdoor flea market. rednecks abounding; been there twice and I can't stand it; too damn crowded and too much junk no one needs.

I sure have missed dr. spo this week, haven't you?

smooches to you and bill!

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

You are funny! No use for bras? They had some pretty colorful ones there too! Oh this heat, I just can't take it.

Your lunch sounds delicious. I love Indian dishes. I have a taste for curry.

I never made it to Zurns' but many have told me about it. The Laurel Flea Market is much the same, even live chickens and rabbits. Can you believe it?

Stay cool Anne Marie, or at least cooler than you already are.

And YES! I too am missing Dr. Spo. He is a sweet and gentle soul isn't he? Our very own therapist.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ron,

You & Bill picked probably the hottest day of the year to go to the Laurel Flea Mkt. Although, quite a bit is inside or undercover. Wish I'd known because we are about 6 miles south of there & would have met you with bags of fresh veggies from our garden. Hopefully, sometime we could do that. It would be fun!
The temp here at noon was 104. I can't imagine what the heat index is. Take care & stay cool.


Ron said...


We will definitely have to meet! Oh yes, it was HOT, HOT, HOT today!


Anonymous said...

Hey Ron - better be careful!

Ron said...

Wow! Talk about irony. What are the odds of this happening to anyone? I was in a cemetery during my vacation that had a lot of sunken in graves. I almost fell into one! Now would that have been something?