Saturday, July 21, 2012

Peace and Love

Me with my glads taken this morning on our back deck

"Peace and love, peace and love"...... isn't that what Ringo Starr always says when someone asks him for an autograph?

Well folks, that what I say this morning.  With the recent tragedy in Aurora, Colorado in which yet another whack job gunned down innocent people at a movie theater showing of Batman (of all movies),  my first response (other than the report that someone had a six month baby at the movie) was "Why is violence so celebrated as a form of entertainment?" 

Is it because most of the movie going public are adolescent boys who thrive on violent video games and want to see blood and gore in the movies?  I think so.

Is it our gun culture which gets hysterical every time someone dares to even suggest that automatic rifles are not needed for deer hunting?  I think so.

You know folks I'm about the most liberal person you'll ever know.  I have a natural aversion to censorship.  But there is a limit.

I've lost track of the number of movies I've rented from Netflix that I've ejected straight out of my DVD player when I realize that the movie is all about gratuitous violence.  One movie I saw started with a driver of a car who picks up a hitchhiker.  The driver fakes a flat tire.  He has the hitchhiker help him remove the flat tire.  While he's doing this, the driver of the car brains the hitchhiker with the car jack then drags his body out on the highway in front of a ten wheeler.  The ten wheeler rides over and crushes the head of the hapless hitchhiker like a squashed melon.  And they show the whole thing!  This is "character development"?

I had rented this movie because it had two actors that I liked.  But man oh man, this is how the movie STARTS?  Sorry folks, this to me isn't entertainment.

Now don't misunderstand me.  I'm not totally against realism or violence when it is part of the story but not violence, blood and gore just for the sake of it.

I'm not a hunter.  I don't like killing living things.  I don't even like killing bugs (except for mosquitoes maybe).  But I would rather watch a good story about interrelationships between humans like the TV series "Madmen".  And yes, I would rather watch Dame Edna and all her silliness any day than I would watch something like "Batman".

Dame Edna with gladious

I've watched some of the interviews on TV with some of the teenage boys who were at the Aurora shooting.  Maybe it's me but they seemed excited by the whole event.  Real stuff!  I could see them smiling and full of excitement that the real thing happened just like Jack Nicholson did as the Joker in a previous Batman movie.

One thing about these adolescent boys, they can't talk.  They can't string three words together in a sentence without saying "umm" or "like."  Maybe they should spend less time going to Batman movies that extoll violence, gore and mayhem and more time in the  classroom learning how to speak English.


paul said...

All my thoughts were wonderfully expressed in this post. I was watching "The Today Show' this morning and of course, as expected, some of the people who were attending the movie were interviewed. Among those, were the couple who brought the baby. I expected the newsperson to ask what a baby was doing at this movie? Surprise! Never asked. Let's pretend this act of violence never happened and wonder (1)why was the baby brought to such a dark movie and (2) at about $12.00 a ticket, why should patrons have to endure a crying baby? As more coverage continues, let's see if any of the newspeople bring up the questions you have.

Ron said...


The few times I've been to the movies (I rarely go, and only as a favor to friends which I have stopped doing), there have been babies at the movies! Unbelievable! What? They can't get a baby sitter? Of course the kid starts crying. I suspect the baby gets in for free. I doubt any of these inconsiderate people would pay $10 or $12 to take a baby to the movies. What really gets me is when families bring babies (I mean the ones in a basket) to dinner at restaurants. They sit the basket on a table or one near where they are eating. The last time that happened I got up and left much to the consternation of my friends. I refuse to eat in a restaurant and pay those prices only to hear a squalling baby. I don't blame the baby of course, I blames the numbskull parents who are so unthinking. Thank
God that baby wasn't injured or killed. There was a small child killed though. I believe she was six years old. What in the world was she doing at a Batman movie at 12 midnight? I saw some more interviews and they continue to interview people who can't string a complete sentence.

Ur-spo said...

Funny - when I first saw the glads I thought of Dame Edna, and then lo! there she was !

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

For the rest of my life I will always associate gladiolas with Dame Edna. Just like I associate showers with Janet Leigh in "Psycho".