Friday, July 13, 2012

Snake in a Box


No, "Snake in a Box" isn't a Saturday Night Live song by Justin Timberlake.  This is what Bill encountered while we were in Ashville, North Carolina in May during our annual vacation trek to my father's roots in the mountains of western North Carolina.

I was at the church cemetery in Asheville where my great-great grandmother Martha "Patty" Bailey Tipton Cooper was buried.  I was there to take a photo of her headstone as well as fulfilling other Find a requests.  While I'm taking photos of gravestones, Bill usually wanders around the cemetery, looking at headstones and patiently waiting for me to finish taking my photos.  By the way, do you know of anybody else who would be that patient with me?  Me neither.

Bill found a bluebird house, much like the ones we have in our backyard.  He took a peek in the bluebird house and was surprised to find a big black snake looking right back at him!  So the myths about snakes eating bluebird eggs (or even live baby bluebirds, God forbid) is probably true.

Bill made it his mission to get that snake out of the bluebird box.  Scary stuff.  I took a short video which I posted in an earlier blog which you may or may not have seen.  I missed taking the video when Bill flung the snake out of the box.  Did I ever!  That was some BIG SNAKE!  And it happened so fast.  So I missed the video.  However, I thought I had taken some photos also.  This morning while searching my photo files I came across these photos of Bill's encounter with THE SNAKE.  Scary stuff huh?

And just for the record, Bill didn't kill the snake.  He just got it out of the box.  It slithered (fast) on the ground near the bird box to the woods nearby.  I never saw a snake move so fast.

Mission accomplished Bill!

Bill gets the snake out


  1. Snakes are a symbol of wisdom; they keep down the mice. I would want to make a few more 'snake houses'!

    1. I'm fine with snakes Dr. Spo. We never kill them. Bill doesn't like them in birdhouse though. We don't have that problem here where we live.


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