Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Deep Sleep

A man sleeping.  Not me (don't I wish I looked like this?)

What's going on?  The past few weeks I have been sleeping really deep.  I've never had a problem sleeping like some.  Bill is a light sleeper.  He's often told me that I could sleep through a bombing attack. In fact, last week we had a terrific thunderstorm with the BOOMS and rain pelting the house sideways but I sleep through the whole thing!  I'm telling you folks, I sleep like the dead.

However, lately I've really been OUT.  I mean BIG TIME OUT.  This morning I was having a troubling dream (which of course I can't remember the details) and I was trying to wake up.  Yes folks, sometimes I know I'm sleeping and I want to wake up just to get away from whatever it is I'm dreaming about.

I couldn't wake up this morning!

I felt like I was holding onto the edge of a cliff with my fingertips and I was slipping.  And yet I knew I was dreaming and I wanted to wake up to save myself!  I pulled and pulled and finally got to a groggy, semi-awake state.  

I still wasn't awake.  I tried and tried some more and finally my eyes opened.  I tried to think of where I was.  I literally did not know where I was.  I didn't even know how I was positioned on my bed.  As it turned out I was somewhat sideways (11 am and 4 pm) on my bed.  This is also unusual because when I sleep I almost always wake up in the same position (I sleep on my right side) that I go to sleep.  Not this morning.  I must have been thrashing around trying to wake up.

When I was awake enough to realize I was back on earth I still didn't know where I was or what time of day it was.  This is probably because I almost always take an afternoon nap of at least a hour.  Even those naps are DEEP.  I am completely knocked out.

Lying on the bed, I slowly realized that this was a summer Tuesday morning and I was in my bed here in our house in a Ryan Homes development in southern Delaware, near the coast.  RON HAS LANDED!

Man oh man, what is going on?


anne marie in philly said...

don't know. but oh how I envy your ability to deep sleep. I am like bill; the slightest noise has be awake for hours.

love the new banner pix!

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

Oh I do sleep good. It's rare when I have a light sleep night. I am dead to the world when I go to sleep. Even when I was in the Army I was that way. Dangerous.


Ur-spo said...

Our sleep varies as much as the stock market; so many factors go into sleep whether it will be good or bad. My patients tend to see a change in their sleep not unlike edgy investors reacting to the flux in the stock market. I tell'em to cool out, bad or good sleep 'happens' and is likely to changes as mysteriously as it just was.
Enjoy your deep sleep.

PS _ I had to skip the Mad man entry as I still want to watch this.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

I notice that when I eat a real chocolaty brownie before I go to bed, I really have the bizarre dreams.

Do watch "Madmen" from the beginning! I think it is the best show on TV. Perhaps draggy (soap opera style) in parts but overall, really interesting. A great study of human character. That's the kind of stories that I like.


Vương Tử Trực said...

Before practicing Yoga, I used to have such situation.

Ron said...


I don't need yoga. The deep sleep does it for me.