Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Madmen Cast Review - Part I

All folks, if  you're not already a fan of "Madmen", as I am, you might want to skip this blog posting.  This is my review of the cast of characters of this human drama that takes place in the Fabulous Sixties, which was MY TIME that I started out in the business world.  I wasn't in the advertising business but I was in the banking business.  The cast of human characters and situations were much the same where I worked.  The excessive smoking was the same (hard to believe now when I look back), but the drinking, at least in the office wasn't the same.  That was about the only difference.  And oh yes, the sexual activity was about the same.  I should know. :)

Here you go folks, I know I will probably make some of my readers angry and I might lose a few more followers but hey, that's life.

Don Draper - major Horn Dog and central character.  Sexy yes, but I don't like his character  Uses people and can't keep his pants on. He's a partner in the firm and the designated star of  "Madmen" but I think the lady below is the real star.
Peggy Olson.  Oh yes, perhaps my favorite character along with Joan Harris.  I LOVE PEGGY! Peggy is the secretary that become a copywriter because of her inherent talent.  I like her character and I like the actress that plays her.  I would love to see Elizabeth Moss in a major movie.  The kind that Bette Davis that used to make.
Roger Sterling - partner in the firm and another major Horn Dog.  I like the actor but not the character.  He is an arrogant a-hole.
Betty Draper Francis, former wife of Don Draper that divorced him because of his horn dog way.  Grace Kelly beautiful, she is turning out to be a major bitch.  I like her and her character.
Joan Harris - office manager of the Jayne Mansfield boobs.  Not only is she beautiful (and she is), I love this actress and her character.  I'm gay but I can't take my eyes off of her (or her boobs) when she is on the screen.  More of Joan!

Bertram "Bert" Cooper.  One of the founding partners in the ad agency.  The veteran Broadway actor Robert "Bobby" Morse plays this character with delicious perfection.  Bobby Morse starred in "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying" half a century ago.  He is living proof that TV executives should hire more veteran actors like Mr. Morse because they are perfection.  Many of the young no name actors on todays television series could learn a lot from watching Mr. Morse perform with such perfection.  Bert Cooper isn't on the screen long enough for me.

More tomorrow folks!


  1. Ron, what would make you think that you would lose Follwers over this post. It's totally innocent! And it's not like you even talking about real people anyway. Plus, everything you mentioned is dead-on right!
    I just finished the last Season and it was a little slow for my liking. I hope the next one has more to it!

  2. Mark,

    If I have any complaint about "Madmen" at all is that sometimes the story lines seem to drag out like the daytime soap operas. But that is a small price to pay for the really good scenes that occur frequently.

    As far as pissing people off with some of my blog postings. You would be surprised at the number of comments that I don't publish. The ones that tell me what is appropriate to post and what is not. What they don't realize that this is MY BLOG and I post what I want to and they don't have to read it. Some people just like to control and when they can't they get angry.


  3. Anonymous1:00 AM

    Dead on descriptions!


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