Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Madmen Cast Review - Part 2

Joan in the office of "Madmen"

Part duex of my "Madmen" cast/character review.  I'm expecting my new DVD's from Netflix to arrive in the mail today.  Oh man am I ever addicted to this show.  I'm in year 2010, halfway through the series.  I haven't met Don Draper's new wife yet.  Gee, I wonder who it could be with all the babes he's porking and yet he calls his wife "a whore" because she LOOKS at another guy.  Oh so sure with the horn dog guys in our culture.

Here is the balance of my review of the cast of characters and actors on "Madmen."

Peter Campbell - smug and arrogant and pushy.  Any of us who have worked in the business world know this type.  Unfortunately he has some talent so he gets away with his selfishness and arrogance.  Oh wait a minute, Mitt Romney?
Ken Cosgrove - earnest, straight laced and also talented but without the selfishness and meanness of Pete Campbell.  A good man, the type that I befriended when I was in the business world.
Harry Crane - the Office Nerd.  Who hasn't worked in the business world that didn't have a "Harry Crane" in the office?  Harry is talented but oh so reluctant to take a risk.  Haven't we all known a "Harry Crane"?
Lane Pryce - the executive from the company that brought out the ad agency.  Originally he eliminated jobs and then discovered that his job would be eliminated.  Been there, done that.  Lane decides to screw corporate headquarters and side with those eliminated and start a new company.  Not sure if his British accent is legit.
Henry Francis - Betty Draper's new husband.  First of all, I think this actor is way more sexy than Jon Hamm who plays Don Draper.  I think he's a better actor too.  Plus, I also like that the characters in "Madmen" have real names like "Henry" instead of those phony soap opera names like "Chase" or "Liam".  I like this character and actor.  
Sally Crane - the daughter of Don and Betty Draper.  Yet another child actor who can't act.  Watching this "actress" act is actually painful.  She must be the daughter of one of the creators of the show.  
Megan Draper - Don Draper's new wife.  I'm not far enough along in watching the DVD's of "Madmen" to know where she comes in so I don't have an opinion of her except that she looks a like like half the other women Don Draper has been plugging.  
There you go folks.  There are a lot of other characters but I won't review them here. I will say though that the most despicable character is "Glenn".  Is is the "little boy" next door who is an adult pervert in the making.  He makes my skin crawl.  Don't only for his lizard like appearance but that the actor who portrays him is so God awful.

Joan the Office Manager in "Madmen" - talk about an office distraction


  1. That Henry Francis character is the hottest thing ever! Did you get to the part where he came in from mowing the lawn? Oh baby!

    1. Mark,

      I agree with you totally! The Henry Francis character is much hotter than Don Draper. Jon Hamm is hot, don't get me wrong but Henry? Wow. No, I didn't' see the part where he came in from mowing the lawn. Many years back I had an affair with someone who looked just like the Henry Francis character, albeit much younger. We hardly ever got out of bed. Only time in my life I had blue balls!



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