Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Ready for this Ride?

Fasten your seat belts kids!

I was up to the wee hours this morning watching the election results.  I love this kind of stuff! 

The Republicans swept to power in the House of Representatives.  I'm actually glad about that.  Now it's the Republicans turn to govern.  Of course the first thing on their agenda is to extend the Bush tax cuts for the rich.  With all their talk about the deficit, they have no problem with the trillion or so dollars it will cost to extend the Bush tax cuts for the rich.

Don't hold your breath for the Republicans to do much else.  Tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts.  That's all the Republicans are all about.  I'm all for cutting taxes but my taxes never seem to go down.  Maybe that's because I don't make over $250,000.  Well anyway, the Republicans are now in charge.  

I was so glad that that Sharron Angle lost to Harry Reid in Nevada.  Did I miss something but where was her concession speech?  The last I heard from her she promised to talk to the news media after she was elected senator.  Well, I guess we'll have a long wait for that occasion.  Bye Sharron!  

Does this woman look Oriental?

I hope Obama got the message from this election.  It's about time for him to change is approach of half measures and timidity.  I hope Obama realizes now that there is no compromise with the Republicans.  My personal opinion?  I think Obama is out of touch with the common person.  I also think he is lazy.  Former president Clinton was right, Obama gives a good speech.  Where is this "Change that you can believe in?"

Friends of mine who still support Obama remind me that Obama passed the health care bill that now covers more people.  But there was a big caveat in the passing of "Obamacare."  No cost controls.  The medical/insurance industry gets millions of more customers without cost controls.  

Obama doesn't show me anything. He has a press conference this afternoon at 1 o'clock. I'll be sure to miss it.  Like Clinton, I don't believe anything that comes out of Obama's mouth now.  Obama promised to change the way things were done in Washington.  He hasn't.  Very simple to understand.  He has no creditability with me anymore.  It's a shame. 

I'm looking forward to the next two years.  That baboon-ass face (Rand Paul) got elected senator from Kentucky.  Already he's full of himself.  This is going to be fun.  What's with that hair anyway?  Talk about a comb over.  Greasy curls arranged in a bird's nest on top of his noggin.  Rand, comb your hair.

Christine O'Donnell lost but promises she isn't going away.  Oh how I love Christine!  Please don't go away girlfriend.

The former witch

And then there is Sarah Palin.  Believe me, we have not heard the last from this Give That Never Stop Giving.  I cannot wait until Sarah runs for president.  Hey, after George W. Bush, anything is possible.  At least Sarah doesn't have that smart assed frat boy smirk that Double-You was so fond of.

The "Gift" that keeps on giving

And then there is John Boner.  Oh yes.  The next two years are going to be great fun.

Cry on a dime Boehner

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