Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lost Internet Connection

Hi folks! I lost my Internet connection.......AGAIN! Thank you very much Verizon.

I'm working from my iPad at work now. I'm glad my workplace has a wifi. I'm glad I have an iPad, one of the best investments I've ever made.

So here I am, thwarted from expressing my usual creative juices through my blog postings.

Verizon is coming out Monday afternoon to "fix" the problem. What the problem is that Verizon just doesn't have the capacity to handle it's customers here in lower Delaware.

If they can't fix this problem with my slow and dropped Internet connections I may had to go back to Comcast........humbled and with my tail between my legs.

I hate Comcast. There customer service skills are atrocious. They're too expensive. But at least they have reliable service. That's because they're operating through a cable and Verizon is operating through a phone line.

Who knows? Maybe Comcast will surprise me and dropped their arrogant attitude and actually have customer service. One can only hope.

But you know what they say....sometimes you don't have a choice. Verizon has been so unstable that I don't have a choice.

Maybe Comcast will surprise me and actually improved their customer service. One can always hope.


  1. Lar,
    I accidentally deleted you comment (the iPad keyboard is too small for my big fingers and occasionally I hit the wrong key).
    To respond to your comment, I too have a great deal of difficulty in getting hold of someone at Verizon. I left Comcast because their service was horrible and they were rude to me. However, I have heard they have improved so I might give them another chance. Verizon is coming in Monday afternoon to the house but if they insist on going through the house (where the problem isn't), I'm going to discontinue my service (and the phone service too) immediately. They've been through my house so many times and the problem is never there but at the main switching box. But they have this script that they insist on following which all it does is waste my time. My friend Bob Chambers gave up on them a long time ago. I'm almost there myself.

  2. Ron,

    That was kind of the same thing when I had my phone problems. They'd always insist on tryong all this checking of my phones and my internal wiring and it was always the switch box on some street corner somewhere, except the last time when after three calls they finally figured out they somehow had two lines running into one or some stupid thing.

    I went through this routine for four years and then I had their wireless phone they sold me and nobody seems to carry batteries for it.

    I want nothing to do with Verizon and now they just got fined for ripping people off or something.


  3. Lar,

    This will be four years since I've been messing around with Verizon. A repairman is coming over tomorrow "by 7 p.m."

    If he/she insists on checking the wiring throughout the house I'll probably tell him to leave and I'll make arrangements to change my phone and Internet service to Comcast. I want them to check the main switch box first because that's where the problem has always been in the past.

    I am so tired of Verizon's poor service that I am ready to throw the towel in and go to their not much Bette competitor even though I will end up paying more.

    Bill was ring when he said we're too old for all this aggravation. Just last week I got my DirecTV signal straightened out. Now I have anther pre cancerous growth on my neck right at the collar line. It hurts. I was gist at the dermatologist at the VA last month and my next appointment isn't until next year. I'm going to try and find a local dermatologist tomorrow. It's always something isn't it Lar?

  4. Hi Ron!

    I work for Comcast and I can tell you that we are doing a lot of things to improve the way we serve our customers. I know we have more to do, but we are making a progress.

    If you are interested, you can reach out to me for help when you decide to Comcast to Comcast. You can also contact our team at the email provided below. We are here to help! :)

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations


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