Sunday, November 14, 2010

Arm Injury Update

Exactly one month ago today, as I was entering the front door of the American Legion Post 28 in Millsboro I did a "Dick Van Dyke" trip and fell and injured my right arm.

The only other time in my life I injured any of my limbs was in 1960 when I dislocated my right knee while playing pool (don't ask how that happen, that's another whole story) in the day room of the Ft. Meade, Maryland barracks where I was stationed while I was in the Army.

That injury resulted in me wearing a cast on my right leg for six weeks, hip to ankle.  While inconvenient, that injury wasn't near as painful (except when the doctor in the emergency room slipped my knee socket back in place - OWWWWW) as this injury.

Thank God I didn't break anything during my fall a month ago.  An X-ray did reveal a small fracture of my upper right arm which the doctor told me "don't do anything."  If I touch that area, it is sensitive but doesn't hurt.  Where I had my big problem was with my wrist.  

After my fall I couldn't even raise my arm let alone turn my wrist.  Little by little over the past four weeks my body is healing. 

Now I can raise my arm to comb my hair and scratch the back of my neck.  

I can brush my teeth with my right hand which I was unable to do before because I couldn't apply any pressure to my right hand.  

I can shampoo my hair.

I can take care of personal hygiene (oh yes, even that was affected, I had to learn to use my left hand). 

This week on the cover of the USA Today newspaper I saw a picture of a soldier who was injured by a land mine explosion in Afghanistan.  He was recuperating at Walter Reed Hospital.  He was a triple amputee, missing both arms and one leg.  I just cannot imagine.  And here I thought I had problems.  

Well, the good news for me is, although my arm and wrist is still sensitive and I have to watch what pressure I apply to it, I am healing.  Each day I get a little better.  

Today I even weed whacked and transplanted several plants.  It was a beautiful day to do these chores.  I love working outside in my yard.  However, I think I did over do it a bit though because I was exhausted by the time I was done.  I was worn out.

I got to thinking of that triple amputee soldier again.  Then I thought of how lucky I was.  


  1. Ron,

    Glad to hear of the improvements. Funny how we never realize how much such injuries make life harder.


  2. I'm almost back to normal Lar. You're right, we don't realize how much we take for granted until we lose our physical or mental facility. I am so thankful I am regaining the use of my right wrist and arm


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