Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Lights 2010

The Christmas lights are up!

Every year putting up the lights gets harder and harder.  I may just be getting too old to untangle strings of colored, blinking, Christmas lights looking for that one bad light that knocks half the string.

This year I even flirted with the idea of putting one significant Christmas candle in a window as my contribution to the yearly, friendly competition in the neighborhood to see how can have the most spectacular Christmas lighting display.  But then I decided that I didn't want to be the "Bah humbug!" old man of the neighborhood.  I gave in and asked Bill to drag out the Christmas lights from the attic.  I would take them out myself but since I stepped through the ceiling floor last year when I put the lights up there I'm not allowed in the attic anymore.  

The day after Thanksgiving was a mild day so that was the perfect time to put up the lights.  I hate to put up Christmas lights on a windy, cold day.  Best to take advantage of those occasional mild days we have in winter here on the eastern shore of Sussex County, Delmarva peninsula.

I thought one day would do it.  That was wrong.  On Day Two, I thought I could complete the job.  That was also wrong.  So here we are on Day Three and I have completed the task!  And it's not even December yet!  I am proud of myself.  Why I even got all my Christmas cards mailed.  I mailed them the day after Thanksgiving.  The only ones I will mail now are to those folks who send me a card that I somehow overlooked on my mailing list.

So here I am, all in the Christmas Spirit.  Now I just sit back and enjoy the holidays. 

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Ron, your house is conducive to putting up those candles in each of your windows - now they glimmer and look much like a flame.

    That would keep you inside and warm.

    Out here they wrap the trunk of trees with tiny lights - you could do that with your tree in front; never have to get out a ladder and that would be lovely if you used all white tiny ones.

    I guess since we have so many palm trees that are hard to decorate, just going around the trunk illuminates them enough and they're beautiful.

    They also have those huge blow-up decorations that you blow up with the machine that comes with them. You could have a good time doing that, and still no ladder to deal with.

    Just a few ideas to help save you time and wrestling with trying to make the outside festive.

  2. Diane,

    You noticed the absence of candles in the windows! We're putting them in tomorrow. That will complete the Christmas decorations. We can't put any inflatable Christmas decorations outside because it is too windy around here. I did that first year and my Santa's sled blew over to my neighbor's property and he's Muslim!

  3. i think they are lovely
    good work ! and worth it !

  4. Spo,
    Nothing gets me into the Christmas Spirit like a lot of Christmas lights. I love them!

  5. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Hi Ron,

    Your house looks beautiful all decorated for Christmas. I'm running behind this year & need to get busy. The train garden will go up first in the dining room, probably later today. That is for the youngest granddaughter & great neices. Then by the weekend I hope to have the tree & inside decorations done. My husband is being a bah humbug this year & says he's not doing much outside. I told him Santa is watching & listening to him & the outcome might be rather depressing if he doesn't get his butt in gear!!!
    The Christmas cards will be in the mail next week I hope. This time of year time just flies. I wish it would slow down a little so we could savour it more.

    I'm glad your arm is well enough that you could get your lights done. It is not an easy task physically or mentally but the end result is well worth it.

    I know you are missing your Mom as I am too. I was doing a little shopping yesterday in Boscov's & saw so many outfits & pj's that she would have loved. It was so much fun spoiling her.

    The wind here is terrible today. I hope your lights survive this weather intact.

    Take care,

  6. Fran,
    Thank you for your generous compliments about my Christmas decorations. I know what you mean about time going by so fast this time of year. That's why I pushed myself and got my Christmas cards our early and my decorations up before December 1st. I wasn't in the mood for all of this activity but now I'm glad I did because the results are well worth it.
    I know what you mean about missing our moms. I don't want to go in any more department stores because I'm reminded too much of how much I miss my Mom by not being able to buy her some nice things for her birthday and Christmas.
    The wind is bad today. I'll let you know how my lights hold up!

  7. So, when can I move in? What a lovely house. Yes, I would put candles in the windows too.
    Fred does all the Christmas decorating in our home. I hate it!
    Your lights are beautiful. One question though, where is the Baby Jesus? Ha!
    Your Friend, m.

  8. No Baby Jesus Mark. To me Christmas is a secular holiday. That's the way I celebrate it.

  9. Ron, I agree with 'no baby Jesus' too....

  10. Diane,
    I have the candles up! By the way, I don't care that other people put manger scenes out. Not al all. It's just not my thing. Freedom of religion and freedom FROM religion. That's what I like about living in this country.


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