Monday, November 01, 2010

The Bewitching Hour

Ron the Clown at the Georgetown Walmart this morning, taking advantage of the day after Halloween 50% sale - I think I'll wear my Christine O'Donnell hat tomorrow when I vote

Here we are, one day before election day.  

Only one more day and the robo phone calls will come to an end.  

One more day and the seemingly endless election punditry on cable TV will come to an end.  Well, actually it won't come to an end but the predictions of the Republican blowout and the Democrat rout will end.  

Before you go to the polls tomorrow (and please, DO VOTE), remember this:

The Republicans main goal is to destroy president Obama's presidency and make him a one term president.

The Republicans, if they gain power, will ONLY do the following:

Lower taxes for the rich.  Don't kid yourself and think they will lower taxes for schlubs like you and me.  They will only lower taxes for the rich and they will call it "lowering taxes for small business."

The Republicans will attempt to do away with as much regulation as they can.  They don't want government regulation of anything except perhaps if you are gay, then they don't want you serving in the armed forces.  Some Republicans don't even want you to teach school.  In fact, most Republicans just want gays to go away.  Don't kid yourself, that's what they want.  

The Republicans will attempt to dismantle as many government run programs as they can.  Just some of the  programs they have targeted are:

Social Security
Unemployment insurance
Department of Education

They like the Defense Department.  Count on seeing Star Wars resurrected.  Laser beams in the sky.  Oh yes indeed.

On the other hand, vote for the Democrats and, perhaps the best you can hope for is that some programs stay in place like Social Security and Medicare.  Don't hold your breath on any new programs or the repeal of DADT or DOMA.  The Democrats and President Obama will do NOTHING during the next two years.  Don't kid yourself.  

Do I sound cynical?  Absolutely I am cynical.  Unless you're one of the moneyed special interests, don't expect anything out of either political party for the next two years.  

But do vote.  The Democrats are the lesser of the two evils........this time around anyway.   Then it's Sarah Palin's turn.  


  1. All I want to know is, "Are you a good witch or a bad witch?".


  2. The conservatives in the UK are using the economic crisis as an excuse to dismantle as much of the welfare state as they can. Constantly saying how we all have to make sacrifices - but the wealthy are not exactly roughing it.

    Politicians are the worst kind of scum.

  3. Kim,
    We are in agreement....politicians are the worst kind of scum. The rich aren't exactly suffering here either. They're so greedy. The scary thing is how they have convinced the very people who need the government most that the Democrats are bad for them. It is amazing to me how many people believe their lies. Amazing and downright scary. Plus, there is the other factor that many in this country can't abide the fact that a black man is president. Not that he is any prize (he isn't) but that fact is blinding their judgement. It's going to be interesting to see what happens when Sarah Palin runs for president.


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