Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Clown Day

My favorite clown - an oil painting I purchased in Provincetown 1979

Today is the BIG DAY.  Election day 2010.  

Today is also the day I see an orthopedic doctor.  It's ONLY been two weeks since I fell and injured my arm/wrist.  I fell October 17th.  My doctor had an X-ray taken of my injury October 19th.  But I had to wait two weeks until Dr. Otter (the orthopedic doctor) had time to see me to discuss the results of my X-ray.  Is it me or does something seem terribly wrong here?  I'm using the private medical system so touted by conservatives.  Looking back on it now I think I would have been better served if I went directly to the VA when I injured my arm.  Again, to remind you of the irony of how I injured my arm.  I was entering the American Legion Post 28 building in Millsboro, DE and I tripped over a small rise in cement landing in front of the double glass doors.  I braced myself during my "Dick Van Dyke" fall so my head wouldn't go crashing through the double glass doors.  One would think with all the old and hobbled going in and out of the American Legion building they wouldn't have that dangerous small rise in the pavement.  One would be wrong.  After my fall I saw that every one was entering the building on the side with the ramp.  Now I know.

An update on my wrist/arm injury - it is still sore but not near as much as it was.  I still can't lift my right arm behind my head nor twist my wrist to the left very far.  I've only driven once since my injury and it is still chancy.  Oddly, my biggest problem is turning the key in my ignition - I have to turn the key to the left to turn my engine on.  When I do sharp pains shoot up my forearm.  Something is still definitely wrong.

Now to the election.....after I finish this post I'll get Bill to drive me up to the elementary school in Milton so I can cast my straight (no pun intended) Democratic vote.  No Republican needs my vote today.  A lot of them will be elected to office and now they will have a chance to show what they're going to do for the country.  Don't expect much except for them to extend the Bush Tax Cuts.  That's their answer to everything.  Creating jobs, improving the economy, and whatever else they're lying about.  If you want a more detailed update on the lies, go to Fox News (i.e. "Faux News") on your local TV station.   Look for the Republican controlled house to spend the next two years investigating the Obama administration with the goal to impeach Obama.  The Republicans will effectively shut down the government.  Be careful what you wish for folks, you just may get it.  

All clowns folks, all clowns.  Dems and Republicans.  Their only goal is to keep themselves in power.  Bought and owned by the corporate special interests.  

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