Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Security Theater

Today is the busiest travel day of the year, the day before Thanksgiving.  

Today Security Theater will be in full mode.

The ridiculous, ineffective, invasive new security procedures at airports of full body scans and pat downs will be in effect for the prisoners  airline passengers traveling today.

Editorials are being written about telling airport passengers to "get over it" and submit to the new humiliating and ineffective procedures of having their bodies scanned revealing all and/or having a personal "pat down" which in effect is a full body grope.  What has happened to our society?  I thought these procedures were for folks arrested for crimes and prisoners upon entering prison?  

Many of the talking heads on TV also voice "what's the big deal?"  I find it amazing that people who are paid a LOT OF MONEY to analyze these things are SO STUPID.  Chris Matthews of "Hardball" is one that comes to mind.  He says he will do "anything" to comply with airport security.  Really Chris?  How about a deep cavity search before you board a plane?  That's where this is going you know.

The new full body scanners are ineffective in detecting liquid or powder explosives. What's to prevent a potential terrorist in putting a tube or vial of these kinds of explosives in their anus, vagina, or penis?  Huh?  HUH?  

Let's get serious folks.  The terrorists are dead serious.  It's about time we stop this Security Theater and do some real airport security.  And what is that?

  1. Metal detectors (remember those?  That's what we were doing to detect guns and knives)
  2. Conveyor belts (remember those?  That's what we were doing to detect potential weapons)
  3. Wanding (remember those?  That's what we did when we were pulled out of line - it's not invasive but very effective in detecting any potential weapon on a body
  4. Having a trained security expert observe the passengers waiting in line for their tickets and question anyone who fits a certain profile (yes, I said it PROFILE) or acts nervous.
  5. If this security expert suspects anyone, then pull them out of the line for a further questioning and a possible full body scan and pat down.
With these new "enhanced procedures" folks, all we're doing now is Security Theater.  It's all for show.  It is looking for the bomb and not the bomber, and it's not even effective in doing that.

All the new procedures is doing is assaulting passengers with unconstitutional body searches.  Remember, in the constitution is says "......a reasonable cause for search."  To subject the mass of the riding public for such invasive searches IS NOT REASONABLE.  

So all you talking heads and experts who are advising us to "get over it" and surrender our basic right to privacy are wrong.  You're wrong, wrong, wrong. 

It's amazing.  Here I am speck of sand on the eastern shore of coastal Delaware.  A "nothing" in the big scheme of things.  But I know MORE than all these overpaid so called "experts", editorial writers and talking heads on TV.  

Just look at the pictures I have posted on this blog.  

This is just WRONG.


  1. Ron,

    For my comments to your last two posts,refer to parts of my latest post, "Where Civilization Crumbles". It isn't specifically about airport security, but I bring the subject up about halfway through.

    Of course, I'm a nobody, thus a no-nothing, but this is a ludicrously failed system of security and a breach of our Constitutional rights.


  2. Larry,

    This is one time in which I agree with you 100% This farce of a security systems is a total breach of our Constitutional rights which guarantees us privacy and free from unreasonable searches. You are right, it is ludicrous.


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