Friday, November 12, 2010

Who Is This Character?

Can you guess who this character is?  

This picture was taken of me in 1965 at my heaviest weight, 180 pounds.  Quite a different look for me wouldn't you say?  Especially the crew cut.  I don't have enough hair now to make it stand up at attention like that.

When I graduated from high school in 1959 I weighed 160 pounds.  Since I have weighed as much as 202 pounds (thank goodness I don't have any pictures of Fat Ron) to a low of 145 pounds.  I am 6'3" tall and have a thin frame.  Both of my brothers are taller than me and weigh close to 300 pounds.  I can't imagine me weighing that much.  My God.

I was sorting through some old pictures this morning and I came across this one of me taken at a photo booth right before I moved to New Jersey with Bill and started my new job at Girard Bank in Philadlephia.

Definitely a different look wouldn't you say?  Who knows what other "treasures" I will find sorting though old photos.  

Note the scar on by my right eye.  That scar was caused by forceps pulling me out when I was born 69 years ago.  My head was all bloody.  The doctor informed my Mother that I probably lost my right eye.  I was lucky.  I didn't lose my eye but I came darn close.  This was just the first of my many close calls that I avoided disaster.  

I am a lucky guy and I know it.


  1. I think I just found the photo to put on the book jacket of my autobiography. It's coming folks!

  2. Ron,

    It is interesting to see the comparison of this picture and the profile Photo that appears next to it. In both photos your head is tilted close to the same angle. Despite the beard, the glasses and the wear of age you can very easily see it is the same person.

    Of course in the profile picture you are smiling and it the other you have a slight smirk. In the profile photo your eyes sort of twinkle behind the lens, it the hint at being bedroom eyes.

    What is sticking up on the right hand corner? Did you have a handkerchief in your jacket pocket? Actually it looks a bit like spinach leaves. Where you eating a salad when you made the picture?


  3. Ron,

    We were down to the Struble Trail today for a walk. As we passed through the main intersection in town we notice your old employer, the bank where the Swan hotel once stood, is now vacant and for sale.


  4. The last time I was in Downingtown I saw where the Roberts Building was for sale. First Niagra Bank still will have a branch there but they don't need the building. Sad the way things change isn't it? I'm glad I'm at the end of my life when I see things like this. There doesn't seem to be any certainty any more does there?

    By the way, are you ready for a reduction in your Social Security (no COLA's anymore and increased deductions for Medicare) and the elimination of tax deductions and instead a flat rate tax ofd 23%?

  5. Lar,

    You notice the similarity too? I even have my head tilted the same way even though the earlier picture is 45 years old.

    Yes, I was eating spinach in the earlier picture. I guess I neglected to wipe it off of my jacket. I remember that jacket, it was one of my favorites. Someone stole it from me at the Westbury Bar. I hung the coat up when I went into the bar because I didn't want to spend the night drinking and cruising with a jacket on. When I made my score and was ready to leave, NO JACKET. I wonder where it is now, spinach stain and all.


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