Thursday, June 26, 2008

Me and Mom

This morning I talked to my Mom. She tentatively agreed to come and visit me and Bill sometime in August. This will be good for her. The visit will give her something to look forward to as well as giving my brother Isaac a "break" (as she refers to it). She is concerned about leaving her two cats but my brother loves cats and will take very good care of them. Of course Molly and Rusty will miss Mom, but they will have to give her a "break" too. As delightful and loyal as they are, they can be quite demanding. We have a room for her here in our Delaware home. My brother John also has a room for her. In fact, he has a whole mother-in-law apartment for her at his home in Greenville, South Carolina. We have both agreed that we would go up to Pennsylvania, pick her up and take her back home. Chauffeured by the sons! What more could a Mom ask? We would both love having her visit. It would also be a treat for us. Now I just have to get a TV in her room so she can watch "The Price Is Right."


  1. Very good news! Now how to plan for the rest of the year, and 'forward'.

    I hope she has a great time, and you enjoy wonderful weather so she can get 'out and about'.

    Love her photo! Diane

  2. Ron, as I have told you on several occassions, your mother has one of the best smiles of anyone I have ever known. I'm glad you caught it on camera again. Aren't we both blessed to still have our moms with us. My mother turned 88 last week. My dad will turn 90 in October.

  3. Yes, we are among the fortunate to still have our Mothers with us.

  4. Hi - just got back in from a blustery day here; our visit was expected to be spent outside more, but the winds threaten to make me sick with the flu again, and I'm trying to get well.

    I took my lap-top; got your message, and see your message.

    I also had read through all of the 'mom posts' you her smile.

    Today I talked 3 hours with my mother; she turned 85 today, but with 14 inches of new snow in the past 3 days, she's 'snow-bound' right now, and missing the fact 3 of the kids who live close, were going to drive out for her birthday.

    Mom and I talked about our lives together (I was born first); dad was in WWII, and mom and I went through some of the things she remembered about me as a tiny girl/baby, and I could recall many things from about age 2, so it was a wonderful 'walk down memory lane' with no snow-drifts to mess up the path.

    I hope this year you'll be able to bring your mom up as you'd planned for last August of 2008 - surely she'd love it, and misses you more than she tells you.

    Two of my daughters-in-law e-mailed me today; both are planning to join my sons for trips in February and April, so I'm excited they'll be coming out.

    As to the mother/son relationship, each of my children (1 daughter and 3 sons) say the same; they feel closer to me, but I'm sure that's because we get to 'hold them' 9 months before anyone else gets to see them. What we do in those 9 months; talking to them - singing to them (and I'd play the piano for them), really does reach them.

    All my kids sing; play instruments, and love music.

    It is magical being a mom, and I'm so glad I was born a female so I could have that blessing.

    Time to get some rest now; I'm tired. Diane

  5. Diane,

    Yet something else we have in common. My Mother also turned 85 this December 24th.

    You are indeed fortunate to be a Mother and have children that love and respect you.


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