Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Ft. Miles at Cape Henlopen, Delaware

On this perfect day I decided to take Bill for a visit to Fort Miles on the tip of Cape Henlopen, Delaware. We lived in center city Philadelphia for eleven years and not once did we visit Independence Hall or the other historic landmarks associated with the early history of America. I didn't want to repeat that mistake again. Our home on the eastern shore of Delaware, is only about three miles from Cape Henlopen, Delaware. At the bed and breakfast where I work in Lewes, I frequently recommend Cape Henlopen as a must see local tourist attraction. Yet, I haven't visited this beautiful resource myself. Today that changed. My first visit actually was last Saturday. I had time to kill before I attended a beach wedding a mile down the road from Cape Henlopen. Cape Henlopen was just a short drive away so I took the trip, almost my default. What a pleasant surprise. Again, as has happened so often in my life, I have found that the treasures are hidden. Cape Henlopen is a beautiful park. At the tip of the cape is the old military base Fort Miles. Fort Miles was the military installation during World War II that was put in place to protect the ports of Wilmington and Philadelphia. To walk those windswept acres is to go back in history at a time when our country was facing a serious threat from an enemy overseas. If there was an invasion of our shore, it probably would have been at Cape Henlopen. Thank goodness no blood was spilled on these shores. The view from the tip of the Cape is awe inspiring. The best things in life are indeed free.


  1. Okay, it was slow in loading - blank for about 5 seconds, then it came up perfectly.

    A windy day indeed! Beautiful spot! Love it....Diane

  2. Yes indeed it is a beautiful spot. Don't tell anyone, it is a secret. Windy. Always.


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