Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Baby Bluebirds Almost Ready

Another check on the bluebird house and it looks like they will be ready to leave their comfy nest in about a week. They're still awfully quiet in there. No loud squawking like the baby sparrows of a week ago. Yesterday I saw one of the fledgling baby sparrows trying to climb the siding of my house. He/she was hidden in the herb and flower garden that I have planted beneath my bedroom windows. I probably scared it when I was watering the plants (by can, not hose). It was trying to fly but couldn't get altitude. That was yesterday. No sign of that baby sparrow today. Thank goodness I don't have cats around here to take advantage of the baby birds at their most defenseless. My Mom in Pennsylvania has a brother/sister duo of cats (Molly and Rusty) that would make quick work of such a young bird. They're lovely cats (Molly is a calico and Rusty is an orange tabby - kittens of a feral cat my Mom found in her corn field some twelve years ago) but ruthless when dispatching little critters like chipmunks or baby birds. They feel a responsibility to repay my Mother for their room and board so they periodically make a tribute payment of an occasional dead baby bird or Rodent of the Day (mole, chipmunk, or baby squirrel). The baby birds are safe here. I would hate to lose any of the five baby bluebirds who are growing very quickly in their nest. Their feathers are starting to take a blue hue. As you can see by the pictures I've included in this blog, their eyes are starting to get that "Mad Max" look of the famous bluebird picture that we've all seen. I'm still amazed at how quiet they are in their box. I'm not comfortable opening their box and taking pictures like I just did a few minutes ago but I do want to record the progress of their development. This will be my first delivery of baby bluebirds. My Dad would be proud.


  1. Love the great photos you've taken; and the entries are terrific - you keep getting better in expressing yourself, I think.

    A writer in the making....

    A book for others - at least your family and friends will certainly agree, it's a joy to visit your web-site.


  2. Look at the bluebird eye. I'm going to feel like a proud papa when they're out. What a joy.


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