Thursday, June 12, 2008

Baby Bird Update

Time for the daily update on the progress of the baby birds in my back yard. The five bluebird eggs have hatched and all the babies seem to be doing fine. All five sparrow baby birds are growing fast. I had a fear that they wouldn't survive the 100 degree temperatures of the past few weeks. On Monday when I checked in on them, their wasn't any sound and very little movement. Today was different. When I opened the front of their bird box they came alive with mouths opened upward, squeaking for food. On the way back, I passed the Purple Martin birdhouse on a pole. I can't check the nests in that six apartment bird house (which includes one of the Determined Sparrows) but they are going about their business. All appears to be as it should be. Another update tomorrow.

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  1. Nice update. Like your Night Time Ron; coming along nicely.

    Our local t.v. station suggested visiting my why i live where i do blogspot to the local people; got some nice e-mails on that one, and a compliment from the editor of the newspaper.

    They fouled up my partials AGAIN - now they're using another 'supplier', and it won't be until July 10 before I can go 'back in' to try again (rhymes).

    We're going to leave tomorrow for the Grand Canyon where our motorhome has been parked since we returned because of my dental appointment, and Rick's bout with chest pain. He's feeling better; I'm still eating soup and cottage cheese - kind of getting used to it.

    Take care. Diane


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