Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fly Free

As the video in this blog shows, the baby Purple Martins are out of their nest and flying free. Listen to their joyous chirping sounds and they swoop down and around in the warm summer sky, learning to fly for the first time under the loving guidance of their parents. The Determined Sparrows offspring are also out of their nest. This morning I went out to take a picture of their nest and it was empty! I heard a lot of chirping in my neighbor's trees which adjoin my back yard. So there are out testing their young wings. Hopefully they won't invade my remaining birdhouses for raise their young. The baby bluebirds are still in their house but have filled up the nest so much that Mom and Dad bluebird can't get in the house now to feed them. The baby bluebirds are interesting in that when I open the front of their box to observe, they are so quiet. One might almost think that they weren't alive. But they are. Their behavior is in stark contrast to the baby sparrows. Last week when I open the front of their box and all the mouths come open up, demanding to be fed. Talk about passive aggressive. My neighbor has a barn swallow nest right above his front door. One of those babies is already out of its nest. The others haven't taken the plunge yet, but might do so my day's end. I also have a catbird in my backyard, hanging around the shed. Since I've put up a humming bird feeder on my deck, it receives almost constant visits by a passel of hummingbirds. It is quite interesting to sit on the back deck in the early evening and watching them humming in, stop and take a look at us as if to say "So, what are you looking at?" then zero in on one of the feeders with their unicorn like beak. I now have five bird baths in my backyard plus a couple of low saucers for the bees. All is well in El patio Tipton hábitat

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