Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Little Things

A few days ago, at work, an incident happened that shocked and upset me. I will not to into the name of the person involved and the details in this blog posting because it involves my job and who I work for and those I work with. All I can say is that I was treated unfairly and rudely. I tried to let it go, but it's not working. I will have to confront the issue with the party involved. The incident has left me somewhat depressed and demoralized which is very hard to hide when you're dealing with the public as I do in my job. One does have to be a great actor on a stage sometimes. Or, to put it another way, to act "professionally." As I sat at my computer this morning, waiting for it to boot up, In noticed a yellowed piece of paper taped to the cabinet wall in which my computer is housed. A few years ago I subscribed to one of those "Thought for the Day" types of e-mails from a Ralph Marston. Many of those e-mails were interesting and helpful. There was one that that was so on the mark that I saved by printing it and taping it on the cabinet wall behind my computer so I would see it whenever I sat at my computer. Truth be told, I haven't looked at it for a long time. This morning, in my dejected state, needing something to perk me up (especially after the stock market continues to do a swan dive), I happened to read it. Here is what it says:

The Little Things

Do something nice for yourself today. Pick one little
trivial, insignificant thing that you would normally get
very upset about, and just let it go.

Save your self the frustration, the aggravation, and the wasted
time of worry and fretting about something that doesn't really
matter anyway. Simply have the grace to let it go.

It could be an insult or a criticism from someone else. Instead
of defending yourself against it or striking back, just let it
go and let its negative influence on you quietly dissolve into

Or it could be some little something that you've decided is
very annoying to you. Instead of putting your energy into being
annoyed, choose to ignore it and put your efforts into something
more positive, productive and genuinely enjoyable.

Think for a moment about how utterly ridiculous it is for you
to let the little things get you down. Give yourself and your
world the priceless gift of your own vibrant life by rising
happily above these petty, insignificant little annoyances.

Ralph Marston.

This morning, after breakfast, I worked in my garden. The warm, early morning sunshine basked my shoulders in its warmth. The cheerful chatter of the birds accompanied me as I pulled Devil Grass from my raised planter containers that line by backyard. I replaced the water in my five bird baths. After about an hour and a half of work that wasn't micromanaged or criticized, I returned to my house and took a shower. I turned my computer on (first time since yesterday morning), checked my stock portfolio (which hit another new low yesterday - is this country going to hell in a hand basket or what?) and checked my backed up e-mails. I won't have a chance to respond to any e-mails until tomorrow at the earliest and then I'm not even sure. I may need more time in my garden to get me out of this funk I'm in. That's why I have my garden. It is the one place where I can escape from the world and all its vagaries, unfairness, and cruelty. To quote Ralph Marston again:

"Give yourself and your world the priceless gift of your own vibrant life by rising happily above those petty, insignificant little annoyances."


  1. Thanks. Im Inspired again.

  2. I'm glad I inspired someone. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Hi - now that's a strange one; the lottery posts on your blog. Might be a sign you should buy a ticket.

    Liked the entry; glad you've realized what to do about those petty things.


  4. I buy three Power Ball tickets every Wednesday and every Saturday for over three years now. Rarely missed. The most I've ever won is $7.00. Big whoop. Maybe this is my time. I'm way behind on my e-mails. I'm in a long work stretch. No daylight until at least Tuesday.

  5. Ron, do you still receive those Daily Motivators from Marston? If you recall, you gave me a gift subscription to that when you got it. I still get one every day. What was it you gave me, a lifetime subscription?

  6. Not that I know. My subsription stopped a couple of years ago. I also gave a gift subscription to my friend Bob. He still get his too. Maybe I did give you both a lifetime subscription.


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