Monday, June 16, 2008

Visit To Mom

Yesterday, Bill and I took the 2 1/2, 125 mile drive to Downingtown, Pennsylvania to visit my 84 year old Mother. Bill was talking to her earlier in the week and she was very sad because she said she doesn't hear from her boys (I have two younger brothers, one of which lives with her). It was time for a personal visit. Even though the drive is long and grueling (especially to the two of us at our advanced ages, 66 and 79 respectively), it was necessary. It was a good, if short, visit. Mom is doing well as is my brother Isaac. Included in this blog is a short video that is obviously not professionally produced but does give the viewer a flavor of the visit. As it typical, I am expressing frustration with Bill because he STILL DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO OPERATE MY CAMERA. But, he did catch my Mother's nervous leg twitch. This is a good thing. When she twitches her leg like this, it means she is happy. Recently, the mother of a friend of mine died unexpectedly. She was only 64, much to young to die (I'm 66.) She was his best friend as my Mother has been my best friend for all of my years. Since I moved to Delaware, I am not able to visit her daily and just talk with her. I've stayed in contact by phone but lately, I must admit, I've been so caught up in my own life, that I've let too many weeks slip by without making a phone call. Just this morning I received an e-mail from another friend informing me of several deaths in his family. This is another reminder of how fragile our life is and how quickly someone is taken away from us. We should always make time to spend or at least talk to those we love and care about before it is too late. Once they're gone, they are gone. It is too late. That special friendship and relationship fades into memory, never to be duplicated again. Each one of us is a unique individual and it is the same with relationships, whether they be friends or family. Treasue what you have now before it is too late. Especially with moms. You only get one mom and you only get one go round in life. Make it count.


  1. Hi - sorry I've been sick; trying to get caught up, but still feeling pretty poorly.

    I wrote a poem for your mom's feet - it's on Ron Sails Away; underneath the picture of your dad.

    I wish the video could have been longer; I so enjoyed seeing your mom - hearing your voice, and seeing that 'kitchen scene'.

    My daughter sent me the brief words her husband spoke at his mom's funeral on June 13; I added those to the She said Chris (her husband) was truly touched by the page I made, so that made me happy.

    I sent them a tiny dresser mirror that was surrounded by Forget-me-nots; the card I made read: "When the two of you look into this mirror, you'll see the faces of those she loved so much". It arrived the day before the funeral, so it was helpful, my daughter said.

    It was a long week-end for them because Chris lost his father when he was 23 years old; his mom never remarried because she never wanted to try to replace 'Bill'.

    I'm glad this week-end has passed; too many people were just too sad it seemed.

    Take care. Diane



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