Sunday, June 01, 2008

Day's End

As the sun slowly sets in the west, another week has come to an end here in southern Delaware. Appropriately, the week has ended on a mixed note. Our usual Sunday night get together at the Purple Parrot was lightly attended. Only three of our group made it. Ed, Harvey, and me. Jack and Paul had other committments. Bob C. decided not to come. Wayne wasn't sure if he could make it because of his work schedule. Ed and I held the table until Harvey arrived at 5:30 pm. Ed is an old high school friend I've known for over 50 years (am I that old?) Harvey I met recently through friends here in Rehoboth Beach. Normally Ed and I would not cross paths with Harvey, a New York intellectual. Ed and I are just two county boys from the burbs of Philadelphia. But the small gay community of Rehoboth Beach provides strange bedfellows (no pun intended). Ed and I were engaged in gossip about a mutual friend of ours from our Pennsylvania high school days who is having a sexual indentity problem. When Harvey joined us, he listened for awhile then pronounced that we should change the subject because the person we were talking about was not there to defend himself. Oh. Culture clash. Of course Harvey was right but his statement did leave Ed and I momentarily speechless. Ed and I are guilty of gossip. No defense. Off balance, we groped around (again, no pun intended) for another subject. We came up with one but I can't remember which. Whatever it was, it wasn't near as interesting as what we were gossiping about earlier. Oh well. Looking back at the past week, it was quite eventful. I went through the trauma of thinking my computer's hard drive had crashed. It didn't but I had something just about as bad happen, my registry was corrupted. I knew I was corrupted but I had no idea that my registry was corrupted. See a pattern here? Tom, my Computer Guy, corrected my registry (at some expense to me) and I am now able to use my computer again, including uploading my precious pictures. The picture included in this blog was taken from my back deck shortly after I arrived home from the Purple Parrot tonight. A beautiful sunset, signifying an end to the week that was. I will try to implement Harvey's request to stop gossiping but it will be tough. I managed to stop smoking but this task may be more difficult. Does this mean I have to cancel my subscriptions to The National Enquirer and Globe magazines?

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  1. A lovely sunset - all's well, that ends well; as I told you Google kept reporting an error, and I thought I wouldn't get to read your blog before we left.

    Anyway, I put my favorite picture of you up on the Billy Tipton blog - I think it looks great.

    I enjoy your 'gossip' - it's witty and fun; don't stop. Have a great week. Diane

    PS: Can you believe the word verification letters are VMHOXO - so, XO is hug and kiss; HO is like ho, ho, ho - Merry June! Now, as to the VM, I'll just go with VOICE OF MUSIC; there, you are the voice of music - now all the letters are into 'play'......


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