Saturday, June 14, 2008

Live Like Today Is Your Last Day

The recent unexpected death of Tim Russert, brought into vivid focus again of the importance of making each day count. After working full time for over 40 years, I decided to "retire" early. Actually, I "retired" from a full time job. I still work part time but on my own terms now. After too many years of a daily commute to Philadelphia from the suburbs, I had an epiphany one spring day standing on a train platform at the Suburban Station in Philadelphia. I thought "Do I want to live the rest of my life this way? Wasting the best years of my life running the Corporate Rat Race?" Then and there I made the long transition from a suit wearing, briefcase carrying fool to a man who was in control of my own destiny. In future blogs I will go into more detail my gradual transition from Corporate Flog to Independent Soul but at this time I want to stress what a life changing decision that was for me that spring day in center city Philadelphia. Since that time I have seen many of my co-workers and friends develop illnesses and die too early. I've had a few health issues since I made that life changing decision 14 years ago but, basically I've had a good and healthy life. Sure, there have been some God awful stressful periods (like the nightmare of selling my house in 2006), but I have survived all of that. A couple of years ago I made the decision to move to Delaware, which I had been visiting since the late 70's. I've always wanted to live in Delaware but always put the move off until the right moment. Well, guess what? The "right moment" never arrives. The time to do it is now. That's what I did back in November 2005 (seems like so long ago yet just like yesterday). I saw the house plan that was perfect for me. I found the piece of land that was just right, sunsets views from the back deck. I wanted to live and work near that water. I live two miles from the Delaware Bay and I work right next to a canal in Lewes, one mile from the Delaware Bay. Everyday I go out my door, I see the Big Sky. I love it. However, I've been so absorbed in my needs I've been neglecting one of the most important people in my life. My Mom. It's not just about me but it's about those I care for and who care for me. Tomorrow I'm off to Pennsylvania to visit Mom. Just like me, she won't be around forever either. Make each day count before it is too late.


  1. I like your entry today. Sick with stomach flu', so not feeling all that great.

    I did add a darling bluebird to the Ron Sails Away blog - take a look; he's looking at you (or trying to). Diane

  2. I'll take a look. I'm having computer problems again this morning. St. Tom to come over tomorrow. I can't scan pictures on my HP Photosmart and my videos are defaulting to Windows Media which causes the sound to be muffled and out of sync. Exhuasted after yesterday's trip but I'm glad I made it.


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