Friday, June 27, 2008

They're Out!

After a busy night at the Inn last night, and a early morning shopping trip to the Super Walmart in Milford this morning, I thought to make a quick check on the bluebird house. I thought they might be ready to pop the house. Well, the house is empty. They're out! The house contained five serious and quiet baby bluebirds. As I looked around the backyard I could hear mama (or papa) bluebird chirping insistently. Then I spotted what all the chirping was about. One lone baby bluebird was clinging to one of the stakes which is tied to one of my skimpy holly trees. Apparently this was the only baby bluebird not quite ready to go off into the wild blue yonder (or wherever baby bluebirds go when they leave their nest.) I've posted a short video I took of mama bluebird chasing away an errant robin who happen to fly too close to her baby. I'm glad these bluebirds are not wimpy. This will be a short posting. Last night was very stressful. I've been asked to work the next two nights. Hopefully, I'll find enough time to keep my daily blog updates going. An update, my video hasn't finished processing so I'll include a picture of the empty bluebird box instead in this blog posting. In my next posting I'll include the video of the mama bluebird dive bombing the robin who got too close to the baby bluebird clinging to the stake. I have to get ready for work now!

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