Monday, June 30, 2008

Marathon Man

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and now today. Five days in a row I'm working at the Inn on the 3 to 11 PM shift. This weekend the Inn was totally full due to a wedding. Weddings are always fun. Normally I work two days a week (part-time Ron I thought). Mondays and Thursdays 3 pm to 11 pm. Occasionally I will work every other weekend, once during the day shift and once during the evening shift to give the full time front desk clerks at least one weekend a month off. However, Monica's son was involved in the local baseball playoffs so she asked me to take her shifts. I'm always glad to accommodate but I have to say, working five days straight at the Inn, with all it's demands and responsibilities has left me exhausted. It is a good way to lose weight. When one works the front desk at any hotel, inn, or bed and breakfast one doesn't have time to eat. Also, one really doesn't have time to go to the bathroom, but that's another whole story which I may or may not go into in a future blog posting. Suffice it to say, I'm looking forward to this last night of manning the front desk and then having a whole SEVEN DAYS off. Guaranteed I will luxuriate in the freedom of a whole seven days. It will be just like a vacation of yore when I used to toil full-time. See you all tomorrow!


  1. I was hoping you'd get a break! Just wanted to say good-bye; have a super holiday, and a well-deserved rest!

    I love my new 'blog' - now I'll finally 'write' like you do...about 'things'.


  2. I'm looking forward to reading it. Great title!


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