Friday, May 22, 2015

The Big Week Approaches

Pat and Bill during Pat's visit last year

Tomorrow begins the Big Week. 

What is the "Big Week" you may ask? 

Two things:

Pat (my Canadian pal) arrives tomorrow for his annual visit to LSD.  

I met Pat two years ago this August when he happened to see my visage posted on the Internet testifying before the Delaware state legislature for marriage equality.  

Pat in Lewes, DE - August 2013 - our first meeting

He was intrigued by my image and did some Internet research and found this blog.  

He read one of my blog posts and left a comment.  I happened to be on my blog at the same time he left a comment and I responded to his comment right away.

Thus began our conversation, and our friendship.  

Later on I asked him if he had FaceTime.  He did but had not used it.  I showed him how to use it and thus we upgraded our friendship to face to face.  

During one conversation I suggested that if he was ever down this way (lower slower Delaware) that perhaps we could take an old time photo together.  Much to my surprise he took me up on my offer and came down the following week.  Yes, he drove all the way down from Toronto.

Pat at Hotel Blue parking lot with his sturdy Fiat 

After a mixup in the parking lot of the hotel where he was staying (I mistook him for a parking lot attendant) we thus began a friendship that continues to this day.  

Last year Pat came down for the Bloggerpalooza in spring.  This year he is making a return spring/summer visit (his fifth visit to Delaware he reminds me).

Pat at Bloggerpaolooza last spring

During past visits Pat drove his Fiat down.  Last year for the first time he took the bus. A long (overnight) and laborious trip but much less stressful on him or his Fiat.  This year he is also taking the bus.  He will board his bus tonight and arrive in Wilmington, Delaware about 11 AM tomorrow morning.

My longtime good friend Lar will pick me up here at Casa Tipton-Kelly and drive me to Wilmington to meet Pat.  The three of us will visit the Apple store. I suspect a new Apple watch might be purchased in tax free Delaware. Liar has also graciously agreed to show us the wondrous delights of Wilmington, Delaware.

Pat and I will rent a car in Wilmington and return here (Casa Tipton-Kelly) for an overnight stay.  

Pat visiting his Sunland Ranch neighbors - Pat's lot is behind them

On Sunday we will take a road trip to my former hometown in Pennsylvania where I plan to visit old friends and relatives in Pennsylvania.  We'll stay two nights at the Hampton Inn in Lionville.

Tuesday we will return to Delaware for the balance of the week.  Pat will accompany me to my three visits to my physical therapy sessions.  He will be my counter and take videos with my iPhone of my various exercises.

We will visit our favorite places in Lewes and Rehoboth like Nectar, Lori's Cafe, and La Quetzalteca  restaurants and maybe a new one.  Pat is a vegan and we like to search out new vegan restaurants.  We might even try Hobo's in Rehoboth, you know the place where the owner/chef thinks she owns the public bench outside her restaurant.  We may just go there to see if she has calmed down.

Lori's Cafe - Rehoboth Beach, DE - a destination of choice this week

And, of course, we will be taking an old time photo in Rehoboth Beach with our friend Lar. We do this every year to celebrate Lar's birthday.  Again, this year we will be posing as grizzled old cowboys, an image that befits grizzled old men like us.

A big week ahead folks and it starts tomorrow!

Me on River Drive - Philadelphia - 1974 - looking forward to many more adventures in my life


  1. I'm envious as hell BUT tremendously pleased for the both of you. You'll be telling us of all your forthcoming weekend 'adventures', then? Of course you will. Have a splendiferous time!

    1. Ray,
      I just finished talking to Pat. He's on his way to downtown Toronto to catch the bus. A week of adventure ahead!

  2. Ron,

    Well, I like that! Calling me Liar? Is it spellcheck up to its tricks?


    1. Lar,
      I rechecked and I don't see a typo where I called you a "Lair". Point it out to me, needs to be corrected!

    2. "Liar" is there Ron, in this paragraph:
      I suspect a new Apple watch might be purchased in tax free Delaware. Liar has also graciously agreed to show us the wondrous delights of Wilmington, Delaware.
      Make sure you say hello to Pat for me!

    3. I see it now Nadege. Thanks!


    4. Anonymous9:35 PM

      Hi, Ron. Glad your recovery is continuing apace, and that you are looking forward to a visit with your friend. I have a question I hope you won't take offense to; I mean no disrespect and am just truly curious. What is it with your obsession with Old Tyme Photographs? Is that one of your favorite areas of history? If you don't mind enlightening me, please do so. Again, hope you have a blast! ~~~ NB

    5. NB,
      My obsession with Olde Tyme Photographs . . . I guess the best way to explain my addiction is that the first one I had done was in 1974. I always wanted one but never had the opportunity to have another one taken until a few years ago, when I discovered an Olde Tyme Photograph (tourist trap) facility in Rehoboth Beach, I'm making up for lost time. Plus I think I look good as one of those old grizzled cowboys. At lest as good or not better than Sam Elliott.

  3. Can't wait for the play by play!

    Peace <3

    1. Jay,
      Day One completed. I will try to post about it today. Of course we had a blast but we are tired. Pat's still sleeping in the guest bedroom. As I mentioned before (several times), we're no longer spring chickens.

  4. Your marriage to Bill and your enduring (endearing??) friendship with Pat are both truly inspirational. Tangible proof that good vibes exist and wonderful things can happen (at any time in our lives).

    You have your agenda for the week admirably mapped out - - and it will be a BUSY one! Glad your leg has mended enough to get around. Have a great week Ron!

    1. Jon,
      Yes, my marriage to Bill is enduring (and endearing) as is my friendship with Pat. The three of us are in the house now. Pat's still sleeping off yesterday's activities in the guest bedroom as I type this. We're ready for another big day as soon as we can recharge.


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