Friday, May 08, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Philadelphia Flyers Victory Parade 1975

No, this is not Bombay India, this is center city Philly May 1975 victory parade for the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team

For many years I was a Philadelphia sports fan.  Specifically the Philadelphia Phillies, the Philadelphia baseball team.  As a young man I would listen or watch almost every game I could watch.  I was accustomed to Philly always coming out on the losing end.  Especially painful was the 1964 loss of the National League pennant.  I think they had something like fourteen games to go and they only had to win one game and they would clinch the pennant.  Of course they lost every game.  I basically gave up on Philly sports at that date, convinced that Philly would always be a loser.

The Philadelphia Flyers hockey team - 1975 Stanley Cup winners!

Then came along the 1975 Philadelphia Flyers, a hockey team.  Now I will admit I never saw a hockey game in my life and I still haven't.  But when the Philadelphia Flyers, also known as the "Broad Street Bullies" won the 1975 Stanley Cup final, I was there in center city Philly to savor the moment. 

The photos I have posted in this blog are ones I took from the bank where I worked on Broad Street.  

Folks, let me tell you, over two million people jammed center city Philly that spring day in 1975.  It was the largest championship parade in the history of Philadelphia sports.  To us who lived and suffered years of "loser" in Philly, finally winning meant that we were just as good as any frigging city in the country.  

The honor guard rounding city hall

And then came 1980 when my beloved Philadelphia Phillies finally won the World Series, the first in their history.  Oh yes, we had a celebration then and I was living in center city Philly then.  That was some celebration but folks, nothing like that first win, the Philadelphia Flyers in 1975. 

That victory was sweet.

Me in Philadelphia celebrating the Philadelphia Phillies World Series win - 1980


  1. I love victory parades - - it's so exciting and satisfying when an entire city unites to celebrate. Your photos of the Philadelphia Flyers event are wonderful

    When I lived in California I was a HUGE fan of the L.A. Dodgers and the California Angels. When the Dodgers won the World Series in 1981 I desperately wanted to attend the downtown victory parade. Wouldn't you know it - - I had a strep throat and high fever that day and couldn't go.

    1. Jon,
      For once I was in the right place at the right time, both for the Flyers' victory parade (which was very special because with that win Philly got rid of it's inferiority complex once and for all) and for the Philadelphia Phillies World Series victory parade. I'm surprised I didn't miss out on these two momentous events like I did in high school. I missed out on my sixth grade trip to Washington D.C. (sickness) as well as our sixth grade class picture (my brother's sickness which quarantined our apartment and I couldn't go out) and I missed (the train) to my senior trip to New York City. I've regretted all those misses over the years but I didn't miss out on these two victory parades which was fabulous!

  2. Philly is a neat city.

    1. David,
      I love Philly! To me it is the "Goldilocks City"; not too big, not too small . . . . just right!

  3. Ron, Hard to believe how long ago that was. We were living in the same apartment building as one of the Watson Brothers, Joe, and Lois met his wife occasionally. We moved a couple years before they won the Stanley Cup. Our closest friends at that time were Hockey followers (he used to play semi-pro hockey), so we saw a lot of the games at their place.


  4. Ron - I loved Philly on our trip there. Goldilocks is right. Not overwhelming in size but it's got everything you need. A lovely city!


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