Saturday, May 09, 2015

Leg Injury Update and Other Musings on this Saturday Morning

Mother and daughter in my dentist's waiting room

Good morning folks!  Yep, I'm still hobbling around on my cane with my full leg brace.  But that may change this Monday.  

Monday I visit my orthopedic doctor.  "Rich", from my thrice weekly physical therapy sessions, thinks I am ready for a bracketed leg brace.  Rich sent my doctor a fax suggesting the same when I visit my doctor this Monday.  Folks, I am ready to discard this, now hot, foam rubber, full leg brace.  I've been wearing it since that terrible dark, bitterly cold night of February 18th when the ghost of my dear departed (angry) friend Wayne pushed me down I slipped and fell on the ice near the drain pipe as I was leaving work, thus rupturing my quadricep muscles of my left leg. 

"Jannelle", my new dental hygienist

I'm on my fourth month of recovery folks and I have to tell you, this has been perhaps the roughest four months of my life with the possible exception of those eleven months in 2006 when I couldn't sell our house in Pennsylvania. The past four months have been a challenge to say the least. 

I just got in from planting more plants outside, which I do these days standing up.  Hard on my back?  You bet!  

But as I've said in previous blog postings I do have an image to maintain in my neighborhood, the neighbor with the prettiest flowers (with the possible exception of my dear neighbor Barbara). 

But what is happening is that slowly but surely I am returning to my regular life.

Yesterday was the first time I could squeeze myself into the passenger seat of our car.  Uncomfortable?  Yes but I was in . . . . finally.  Pat is coming down to LSD for his annual visit May 23rd and I don't want him to be chauffeuring me around in the back seat of his car. 

The novelty of "Driving Miss Daisy" that Bill has been doing for the past four months has worn off.

I'm sleeping better at night now that I can lay on my right side, something I was unable to do until last week. 

I can whip in and out of the shower pretty fast these days without the long drawn out process that I've been going through for the past month of so.  Before that I was giving myself whore sponge baths from the sink.

This week I was able to keep my long delayed dental appointment that I had to cancel two weeks after my disastrous fall from grace. Photos from that event is my excuse for posting them to this blog.

I can now bend my knee 72 degrees.  Still not as much as I would like but much better than the 30 degrees when I started physical therapy three weeks ago. 

Stretching that reattached quadricep muscle and bending my knee 180 degrees is perhaps my biggest challenge these days folks.  I'm told that may take months yet.  But in the meantime, I am progressing forward. 

Ron Tipton, Downingtown High School Marching Band - 1959 

I will march again.


Travel said...

Moving forward everyday. It really reminds us to have fun while we can.

Ron said...

My mantra in life, I always have something to look forward too.

pat888 said...

Ron - another fun post. Just enjoyable reading with amusing visuals. Yep - you are almost there. Next - driving the vehicle and freedom once more!!


Ur-spo said...

I read this as Pat is coming down to do LSD. shocking
And I would not do the video.

Ron said...

Pat is definitely coming down to do LSD; Nectar, La Quezalteca, and Laurie's Cafe.

Ron said...

Every day, a little more progress. Sometimes baby steps but always forward.

Raybeard said...

Did you actually PLAY that thing coiled around you like a metal sash, or was it just for show while you mimed the 'oompahs'?
(Good to read of your meteoric progress being maintained.)

Jay M. said...

Progress! 72 degrees is great so quickly after surgery. And you've got a couple more weeks to get to 90 degrees, and front seats will be fine!

Peace <3