Friday, May 29, 2015

Pat's Returns to Canada

Pat leaves for Canada this afternoon

Pat left Casa Tipton-Kelly a few hours ago to begin the first leg of his return trip to Toronto Canada.

I was just talking to him on FaceTime from the train station in Wilmington, where he returned his rental car and will catch the 7:20 PM 22 hour bus trip return to his home in Toronto.

What a week this has been!  So much to write about and share.  Of course I took loads of pictures and videos of the many restaurants and other destinations we indulged in during Pat's visit. 

I'll write about all our adventures in upcoming posts but right now I am taking some time to relax.  Monday I return to work folks.  I need to get out of my vacation frame of mind and get back into my work frame of mind.  I have to replenish the cash coffers to help pay for that credit card bill that will be coming up in a few weeks.  

Ah yes, there is a time to play and now is the time to pay. But this past week was well worth it.  

Nothing like spending time with friends and enjoying new experiences. Life is too short to do otherwise. Make every day count.


Geo. said...

I delight in your positive attitude, Ron. You're a good example to everybody. More people should be like you --I mean, they wouldn't have to look like you, as Brother (from different parents) Pat does, just meet the world with good-natured courage. Hope your recovery is going well and you're not returning to work too soon. All my best wishes.

Travel said...

I like the phrase, " a time to play, and a time to play."

Raybeard said...

Till next time, then. 'bye Pat.

pat888 said...

Hey Ron - I'm actually getting used to that bus run. It would be a lot quicker of course if one didn't have to spend time at bus transfers. Very inexpensive way to get around too. This last round trip was a mere $94. return. I'm glad you can make it to Buffalo when you come this way. I enjoy that ride too - picking you up.


Ron said...

Pat may make a short visit again this summer before I visit him in Toronto. Looking forward to it!

Ron said...

Thank you Geo. I don't think about having a positive attitude, I guess I just do. It's my default outlook on life. I always try to see the good and when something bad does happen to me (as it does to all of us), I am always aware of how much worse it could be. I have been very lucky my whole life. And I know it.

Ron said...

It was inadvertent but I'll let it stand.

Ron said...

Thanks for a wonderful time. You're the best houseguest ever!