Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Progress Report - Leg Injury

Me in front of my physical therapy facility in Milton, DE - three days a week physical therapy

Good morning folks!  Another beautiful spring day here in lower slower Delaware. 

Time for a progress report on my leg injury that happened so long ago.  February 18th, back in those cold, dark days of winter. And here we are in the warm, bright days of spring and I'm still hobbling around with my leg brace and cane.

The good news is my three times a week physical therapy sessions are coming along fine.  In fact, I look forward to going to physical therapy.  The location is nearby, the facility is welcoming, clean, and efficient. And the best part is that I am making progress!  I am so happy.

However, I still can't bend my leg enough to sit up front in my car, let alone drive it.  Bill still has to help load my old carcass in the back seat. I've tried sitting in the passenger seat of my Subaru Forester but my leg just doesn't bend enough yet. 

I asked my physical therapist ("Rich") why it's taking so long for me to be able to bend my leg.  He told me that my quadricep muscle had to be reconnected (sewn together) and thus it was shorter now.  It takes a while (months) to grow back for where I was before my accident. After my exercises, Rich works with bending my leg until it hurts.  Little by little we're stretching that quadricep muscle. 

However, my physical limitations aren't stopping me from my spring plantings.  After physical therapy yesterday I had Bill drive me to one of my favorite nurseries.  I bought some wave petunias to plant at the end of our driveway. 

Me (with the smile) at Sandhill Nursery yesterday for more plants

So you may ask "Ron, how to you transplant your plants when you cannot bend your knee?"  Well, I plant them standing up.  Yep, standing up.  You say it's hard on my back? Well yes, it is but I do have a certain image to maintain in my neighborhood and I have to get my driveway entrance sent for the spring and summer season.  Besides, Bill derives a lot of pleasure from a riotous menage of color as he drives in our driveway. 

Me with the first plantings of Wave Petunias this past Sunday when the temperatures were in the fifties, the temps are in the 80's now - goodbye spring

So, to sum up my status now.  I may or not be ready for Pat when he buses down from Toronto on Memorial Day weekend (May 23rd).  If I'm still wearing a brace we'll just rent a van that has enough leg room for me. Of course I'll need to be chauffeured around again.  Lucky for me that I know two men (Bill and Pat) who are such good drivers and don't mind hauling me around in my compromised state).

Pat and I plan to spend a few days in Pennsylvania where I will introduce him to some of my longtime friends from my Previous Life.  We'll meet Larry in Wilmington for a tour.  Then later on in the week Pat will be here in Lower Slower.  We'll do our usual rounds of Rehoboth and nearby favorite restaurants. We probably won't do the Washington D.C. trip and we definitely won't be visiting Baltimore and the Inner Harbor. There's enough to do around here.

I'm scheduled to go back to work on June 1st.  I should have a different kind of leg brace (bracketed) on then and still using a cane.  But I am ready.  I'll probably still be doing physical therapy but I think I can manage both.  This Thursday I have my long postponed dental appointment (teeth cleaning) that I had to put off right after my accident.  

Slowly but surely, life is returning to normal.


Jon said...

As terrible as your leg injury was (and still is), it was a learning experience for me and I've especially enjoyed seeing your remarkable progress. I hope the brace is off by the time Pat arrives, but even if it isn't I'm sure you'll do just fine.

You're fortunate to know two good drivers who are always willing to help (Bill & Pat, of course). I hate driving and have to do everything myself. I should probably hire a sexy mountain man driver - - although I'm sure we wouldn't get much driving done (*smile*).

Your house and yard look wonderful

About your "header" photo: Is all that grass on YOUR property?? My God, it's huge! I have two acres here in the mountains and my property doesn't look that big.

Ron said...

We have just under an acre of land (.98 acres) here but almost all of it is lawn. Bill doesn't like maneuvering around trees so I only did plantings on the borders of our lot. Bill mows the grass and I rake it as needed and also do the trimming, although I'm limited now because of my leg injury.
You're right, my leg injury has been a tremendous learning experience for me. Especially how vulnerable we all are to just one fall away from being totally dependent on someone else for our daily living. Without Bill I would be stuck in a rehab center because I could not drive with this leg injury. Of course it is frustrating to go to physical therapy and see all the others who go there drive themselves, including this one young guy who has a seriously damaged heel (fell off a ladder). I wouldn't trust my left leg to put the brake on enough. Hopefully soon enough I will be able to drive. If I can just sit up front would be a big step.

Jay M. said...

I am so happy things are returning to normal. Yes, slowly, but steadily!

Peace <3

Ron said...

Every day, a little better. Not fast enough for me, this since February 18th, the longest convalescence I've ever had in my life, but I am moving forward.

Ur-spo said...

You are crazy mad trying to garden standing up. Next thing to go is your back.

Raybeard said...

Although the visual evidence may look unsightly I suppose it does serve the function of reminding others to be extra patient towards your physical limitations. When the 'contraptions' do go and you look 'normal' again then I suppose people will start harrumphing and moaning at any slowness you might exhibit - which I still have to keep reminding myself not to show, knowing that my own turn will come.
However, pleased to see that progress is evident - and that's the direction in which we want it to keep going.

Nadege said...

You are looking good and happy Ron! Even if the healing process is taking a little longer than you thought it is healing and you will make a full recovery. Life is good!

Roger Jennings Jr said...

I know June 1st can't come soon enough for you ! šŸ˜Ž

pat888 said...

Ron - I've checked the temps down your way. You are living LA climate - and theirs is closer to Toronto's. Wow - what's with that. So you will certainly have a tan pretty soon. Great about your progress. We'll manage no problem when I get down there. It will be another interesting bus trip. I'll probably be very happy to drive again. I've checked out cars for long leg room - and there is actually quite a variety. Really looking forward to seeing Delaware again.


Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
I agree with you that I am crazy mad trying to garden standing up but I have no other choice. One thing though, there's going to be a lot less plants transplanted this spring. I'm only doing the bare minimum to maintain my reputation in my neighborhood as the most fabulous Garden Guy.

Ron said...

Bill says I get plenty of pity looks when I'm out and about hobbling around. But I am moving faster these days. Then one day I'll be able to maneuver about on my own two legs. Ah yes!

Ron said...

I'm healing and life is good. I think of all those people my age who have it so much worse. I am a very lucky guy.

Ron said...

My road back to normalcy begins in earnest then when I can get back into my work routine.

Ron said...

Looking forward to your visit and being chauffeured around again. Another "Pat and Ron Show" is in the offing.

Travel said...

You are looking stronger every day. I am looking forward to PT in a few weeks.

Randy H. said...

Hi Ron, So glad you are getting better day by day. From your photos it looks like it's getting warm there in LSD, almost spring like? It's been blowing hot and cold for the past 2 weeks. And Pat is coming down for another visit? That should make you both happy! That's the same weekend as my birthday. And the same weekend I leave to visit Spo in Arizona. A fun time to be had by all!

Ron said...

Thanks David. What are you going to PT for?

Ron said...

Always good to hear from my buddy Randy! Yes, Pat is coming down (by bus) on the 23rd of this month. We'll visit my former home in Pennsylvania for a few days then down here in LSD to revisit our favorite places. I missed the Bloggerpalozza this year and seeing our blogger friends. I am so glad to hear you're visiting Spo and Someone in Arizona. I'm jealous! Pictures please!