Sunday, May 24, 2015

Pat Arrives In Wilmington

Pat's bus arrives at the Wilmington train station yesterday

Pat arrived in Wilmington yesterday safe and sound (and pooped) from his 27 hour bus trip from his home in Toronto, Canada.

There he is folks, a little bedraggled but standing upright and in the good old USA!

My friend Liar Lar picked me up in my LSD hovel earlier in the morning to make the 90 mile trip to Wilmington to meet Pat.  

My chauffeur arrives (Lar and me at Casa Tipton-Kelly early morning for the trip north to Wilmington to pick up that Canadian

We were blessed with a beautiful, perfect spring/summer day yesterday.  Could not have been better for our hour and a half ride to the northern part of the state.

We timed it just right because just as Larry parked his car and we walked down the bus station (which is at the train station, very convenient), there was Pat.  

After hugs and hugs we were off to have lunch at a vegetarian restaurant (today's banner picture at the top of this blog). 

Now that was an experience. The restaurant was called "Drop Squad Kitchen" (don't ask).  We couldn't find it.  Me, with my bum leg hobbling around with my cane and we're wandering all over the new refurbished Wilmington waterfront looking for this restaurant.  Me, who is used to leading the pack . . . not this time.  I'm struggling to keep up with everyone.

We finally found the "restaurant", it was located inside "Molly's Old fashioned ice cream shop.  Turns out it is a mother and daughter operation - one half the restaurant being an ice cream shop and the other half (by the daughter) vegetarian fare.

Pat, Lar and me at "Drop Squad Kitchen"
We ordered our fare (which wasn't cheap by the way - $9.95 for the entrees and $7.00 for the smoothies).

Pat ordered a faux steak sandwich which was great!  His smoothie was a chocolate dream. Liar Lar (by the way, I just found out why "Liar" keeps coming up, spell check default!) ordered a faux hamburger.  He didn't offer me a bit but he didn't complain either.  His smoothie (which I took a sip) was also very good.  Now me?  I ordered a falafel sandwich, which I am saddened to say was . . . . . well, how should I put this . . . . terrible.  Well, to be kind, it was disappointing.  No, actually it was terrible.  Don't let my smile in the above picture fool you. Even Pat agreed when he expressed his sympathy for me when he said "I'm sorry."  Ad my smoothie?  It was warm.  What was that all about?  Tasty but WARM?  Maybe it was me.  It was a sour apple smoothie.

Well folks, I have to cut this blog short because Pat's up and we're off to a late breakfast or a brunch or an early lunch. But not before I spray his Chevy Malibu rental which smells like a dirty ashtray, despite having a NO SMOKING stickers in the car.  

Pat's rental car out in front of Casa Tpton-Kelly
I'll continue this fascinating narrative when Pat and I return from breakfast . . . brunch or early lunch.


  1. 'Liar' explained - but how infuriating. Not a very nice name for someone to be known by.
    Enjoy the remainder of the w/e. (Of course you will!)

    1. Ray,
      I didn't think I typed "Liar". Apparently "Lar" isn't in Apple's dictionary. As I was typing "Lar" I saw spell check automatically put in "Liar". Wow. Have to be careful.
      We're on Day Three of Pat's Visit. So much to blog about, don't know if I'll have the time now.

  2. I thought I recognized that train station. I have my chromebook back and am back in blog world. I will be inpatient therapy for a few more days.

    1. David,
      First time I've been at the Wilmington train station. Good to hear you have your lap top back and are back in the blog world.


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