Thursday, January 08, 2015

We Have Landed!

My plane coming in for a landing at LAX

Good morning folks!  We have landed. Actually we landed yesterday. This is the first chance I've had to write about it.

Oh where do I start? I don't want to make this a long posting, so I'll try and cover the highlights,

I landed at LAX yesterday at about 11:17 AM,  West Coast time.  Pat had landed about an half an hour early. We met at the baggage claim round robin.

Pat and I meet at the baggage claim at LAX

From there we decided (I did actually) to rent a car.  We took the shuttle bus to Enterprise Car Rental.  We rented a beautiful white Nissan Sentra. Absolutely beautiful. By the way, I'm typing this blog not under my usual very comfortable circumstances.  I'm in our room at the Hollywood Bed and Breakfast at this small desk.  Pat is out riding around.  He just can't get enough of LA.  I have to say I can't either. I love LA!  What a wonderful suggestion Pat made.

At the airport he said "Can you believe that his morning when I left Toronto the temperature was 10 degrees and I was sweeping snow off of my front steps?

Well, what greeted us as we stepped on that Enterprise Car Rental shuttle bus was a balmy 80 degrees and palm trees.  Real palm trees, not those plastic ones that I see in Rehoboth Beach (shame on you Rehoboth!)

Pat and I were both up very early in the morning to catch our flights but we were too excited to go to our bed and breakfast and rest. We checked in at the Hollywood Bed and Breakfast, which by the way is a lovely little bed and breakfast at a perfect location. Right in West Hollywood, not far from Sunset Strip

Pat and Ron at Sunset Boulevard
After unloading our baggage at our lodgings (for the next ten days) we took a walk, all the way down Sunset Boulevard.  Well folks, let me tell you it ain't what I thought it was. You're probably going to get tired of hearing me say this but I LOVED IT!  All I could think of was "This isn't the Rehoboth Boardwalk."

We walked by the Whiskey A Go Go and the guy outside gave us two free tickets for the performance that night.  After a lovely, relaxing lunch at the Vegan Grill we finally returned to our lodgings to rest. Remember, we lost three hours. Our bodies were still on East Coast time while our day was now on West Coast time.

Our delicious vegan lunch yesterday

After a rest, and shower we headed out to the Whiskey A Go Go, former home of such illustrious rock stars as Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Cream.  Yes folks, the stage we were going to see performers that night held those rock legends of the past.  Well folks, the lighting may have been good, the sound good but the entertainment? Well, let's just say the Whiskey A Go Go is not what it used to be.  We walked in on a sad little fellow strumming his guitar with a sad little girl standing next to him humming.  Yes, humming. My first impulse was to whisper to Pat and make fun of them but I thought wiser of such a foolish action.  Here I am a tourist doing the "tourist" thing and they're just doing . . . well  . . . um . . their thing. 

Bandstand at Whiskey A Go Go

Next up was a poet or something.  He was so bad he was good.  But then you know what happened while Pat and I were enjoying our ringside seats?  The bouncer came over and told he that we had to get at least $100 worth of food or drinks to sit in those seats.  Well, Pat had already brought me a lime margarita (which got me sufficiently buzzed) and he had a fake beer.  We weren't going to spend a $100 so we hit the streets, this time being the fabled Sunset Boulevard.  Which at night is fascinating.  

We drive around a bit, soaking up the local vibes then stopped in "Norman's" for a late night snack (basil tomato soup, what can I tell you? We're two senior citizens).

This morning we took a ride up the Hollywood Hills.  Man oh man, are they ever steep.  Going up that twisty, winding, narrow road is almost like a ride at the carnival.  I actually got woozy at the top.  I don't know how anyone can live in those houses.  Fantastic views of Los Angeles but what do they do when it snows?

Your intrepid travelers atop the Hollywood Hills with downtown Los Angeles in the background


  1. Off to a great start, let's hope it does not snow there this week.

    1. David,
      Loving the warm weather!

  2. Ron, You two guys hit the ground running! So glad you rented a car as you will be able to cover more territory. Looks like you are eating well and I am so happy you are pleased with your Bread and Breakfast. Looking forward to more adventure stories of Pat and Ron's trip to LA. It doesn't snow very often in LA by the way and surely it won't during your stay.

    Cindy from Sonoma

    1. Cindy,
      We are having a fabulous time!

  3. Welcome to L.A., Ron! Your post and photos are fantastic and you managed to ignite a lot of fond memories for me. The Great Southland never fails to amaze and delight newcomers. I lived there for thirty years and truly loved every minute of it. You and Pay have really done a lot, considering it's only your first day. There's a lot more to explore.
    I've been to the Whiskey many times, but I'm sure it has changed drastically since I knew it.

    Enjoy that 80 degree sunshine. It dropped to MINUS 5 here in TN last night.

    1. Of course, I meant to say Pat, not Pay. I'm sorry about that!


    Peace <3

    1. This is working for us Jay.

  5. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Warning of snow in LA for next Ice Age. Enjoy your trip. Juan.

  6. Juan,
    Not missing the snow at all!


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