Saturday, October 25, 2014

Bob's Memorial Service

Me and another longtime friend of Bob's, Howard

This morning I attended my friend Bob's memorial service.  Today was a beautiful autumn day, just the kind of day that Bob loved.

I was planning on speaking, sharing some of my memories of my longtime (54 years) friend Bob but this wasn't that kind of memorial service.  It was held at the Rehoboth Beach Metropolitan Community Church.  At first I was a little put off that we couldn't share our memories but that feeling soon dissipated after reuniting with some of Bob's friends who attended the service.  I'm glad I went.  Bob would have been very pleased with this morning's service in his honor and memory.  Very well done folks.

Rest in peace my dear friend Bob. 


  1. Ron - two things. Thanks for the videos - just the capturing of the moment with people gathered, the pictures and music in the background congers up, I think, the moment of a combination, of sadness, joy, and closure.

    Also, in regards to this blog - that's quite a magnificent banner you've chosen. You have an eye Ron.


    1. Pat,
      It was a good memorial service. Bob would have been happy to see his friends and family gather like this to pay respect to his memory. And it did bring closure, which to me is what a memorial or funeral service is all about.


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