Monday, October 27, 2014

Another Microsoft Frustration Monday

Well, I just spent the first 2 1/2 hours this morning straightening out Bill's HP laptop. He couldn't get on. Why? Microsoft now has an annual program that you have to setup up everything all over again. Bill was on his computer for a two full hours trying to re setup that hybrid Windows tile and classic desktop. He got stuck on his password.

Bill get's up at 4 AM.  I don't get up until 7 AM or 8 AM.  This morning I got up at 8 AM.  By the time I hit the bathroom and went into the kitchen for my breakfast Bill was in a high dungeon.  He blames me for everything  (of course).  I had just poured the almond milk on my bran flakes and he said "Can't you help me with this damn computer?!"  I said "Can it wait five minutes? I'll just finish my cereal."  He storms out.  Then I had an urgent call to the bathroom. These days, ever since my seed implant surgery I cannot ignore theses calls to nature.  I run for the bathroom before I have an accident.  I get back to my now soggy cereal.  Bill is really pissed now. He says "You never have time for me!?  Gee, when have I heard that before?  Some people wonder why I don't volunteer my time to help local causes like political candidates and others in need.  Want to know why?  I have my hands full right here.  Not only including me (which is becoming increasingly necessary) but Bill.  I love Bill to death but on mornings like this I better drop everything and FIX THE PROBLEM.

So here we go folks.  My visceral hatred for anything Microsoft.  I HATE MICROSOFT AND WINDOWS PRODUCTS.  And this morning was a perfect example.

Bill couldn't sign on. The screen gave him NO OPTION to reset his password.  This is standard operating procedure for Windows and Microsoft.  Will Mr. Softee is out trying to cure all the diseases in the world and eliminate world hunger, his products stink.  


I won't take you through the blow by blow, but basically this is what I did this morning.

  • Looked for the website where I could get live help.
  • After several frustrating tries I called.
  • Someone with a foreign accent answers the phone (of course, Microsoft saves money by outsourcing their Help line so Mr. Softee and his cohorts can have more BILLIONS to add to his already overflowing coffers).  
  • I explain my problem.
  • The next thing I got was a dial tone.  Of course.
  • I call again.
  • I get "Michelle" (sure). I ask where she is located. 
  • "The Philippines" she says (of course, I was expecting say Iowa?)
  • "Michelle" was nice enough but we struggled until I finally understood what was happening.  Seems that Microsoft now has a new procedure that you have to reset up your computer once a year to prevent hacking.  Hey folks, Windows based computer are so hobbled now by all the devices like Norton and McAfee to prevent hacking, why not add one more layer?
  • All I wanted to know is how to reset Bill's password.
  • I had to go on my computer and bring up their website.  Then I had to put Bill's iPhone in so they could send a text message with the code number.
  • I get Bill's iPhone, turn it on and wait for the code.

Oh folks, do you really want me to go through all the steps?  It's painful for me to do so.

To sum up, another half hour of reentering code numbers and resetting the password (to the previous one by the way) until I could finally finish the setup on Bill's computer which included being cutoff one more time.  I was on hold (for the second time this morning) until I got "If you would like to make a call, hang up and dial again."  

I took Bill's laptop down to his basement office.  I had to restart it TWICE before I could finally get his e-mail and Internet connection up.  

Of course Bill's not speaking to me now.  He'll get over it.  I understand his frustration.  No one is more frustrated than me dealing with Microsoft and Windows.  That's why I gave away my brand new Dell computer last year ($1,500) and got an iMac which is what I am using now.  

So relish Gates getting a well deserved dose of disrespect by getting a pie in his fugly  puss.  I can't see that image enough.  Now I'm going to leave this house on this beautiful sunny day and ride down to Rehoboth Beach and sit on a bench on the boardwalk and not be bothered by anybody.  I need to unwind BAD.  And wonder, will I ever rid myself of being personally affected by Bill Gates and his company's malfeasance?  I've said it before and I'll say it gain, Microsoft and Windows is the biggest scam on this world in history.  And there goes Mr. Softee, in his never ending pursuit to prove to the world he's a saint.  If anybody is a saint it's me for being subjected to his crap over and over again.  HELP!


  1. Ron, you are always saying that Bill is a saint for putting up with you, but I have to tell you, he does not sound like much of a prince himself. I know everybody gets in moods, but it was plain rude for him to be so demanding first thing in the morning. That, along with your description of how he would prefer to be in the middle of the woods with nobody around, and I am beginning to think that he is just not a nice person to be around! Why is he so difficult? What does he have to complain about? Sounds to me like YOU are the saint!

    1. Tony,
      Bill can't help it when he gets frustrated like he was yesterday. He's not very patient. Usually I'm able to keep these situations from him but yesterday I was blindsided. I really can't say very much in this forum other than to say he really does care for me as I do him. Why is he sometimes so difficult? That's something I've been trying to figure out for the last fifty years. But I could never leave him. He has nobody. He depends on me.

  2. All computers and their techno-gizmos drive me to distraction. My iPhone daily gives me vexation. Stinko to all of it.

    1. Agree wholeheartedly!

  3. They REALLY want you to have a cell phone. I do not want one. It is so hard to get around that little hiccup.

    1. Carolyn,
      I would be as lost without my iPhone as I would my car. I need it to exist in today's world.


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