Sunday, October 12, 2014

How Immature Am I?

Short answer?  Very.  

Long answer?  Read on.

As I am about to enter my 74th year of existence (this life anyway) on this planet I often review my past years and wonder "What went wrong?"  Actually, nothing "went wrong" (tongue in cheek folks, tongue in cheek which doesn't always come through in the written word).  

I pretty much believe that our life plan has already been laid out for us prior to our birth.  Sort of like a board game like Monopoly.  You get your turn, you shake the dice and make your moves.  Then you have to make decisions.  Shall I pay that much money for Boardwalk or save it to buy Illinois?  

One thing that has been constant in my life is this little annoying facet of my personality . . . . immaturity.  Here I am, the grand old age of 72 and I'm still doing immature things.  Like teasing Bill, my friends, neighbors and relatives, and you my dear blogger readers. 

Time is running out

For instance, check out the photo at the beginning of this blog.  A few minutes ago I stole it off of one of my favorite bloggers who posts once a week.  He posts a series of photos (taken with his iPhone) he has taken the past week.  He calls his post "The Sunday Evening Post."  See HERE

Mostly his photos are harmless, family friendly photos.  Occasionally he slips over into the risqué like this photo that I grabbed and posted here. I looked at that container for an electric razor and another image immediately came to my mind folks.  I'm telling you, I'm hopelessly immature.  But I'm blaming this on my father,

Ike Tipton, I'm just a chip off of his old block

he would have seen the humor too.  I inherited his immaturity gene.  Thus, why you won't see me being invited to any country club din din any time.  But you know what folks? I am pretty awesome.  And humble.  Just saying.


  1. Ron,

    Odd. I looked at that first photo and wondered what it was and the best I came up with was a nose. I don't know what that means.


    1. It's a penus Lar. Very obvious. At least to me.😝


  2. Ron,
    Having a well rounded sense of humor is a quality that I most admire in a person. To me it has nothing to do with maturity or lack there of and it has more to do with the fact that a good sense of humor in my humble opinion is the ability to make those around you feel good through laughter. Sometimes mine gets me into trouble because I say things that seem hilarious to me but no one else. Fortunately that only happened maybe once or twice over the years but it was significant enough that I momentarily think before blurting. So whadda ya goin to do? Those who know me know I would never go out of my way to be mean spirited and have accepted that my weird brand of humor is just part of who I am.
    My mind was down there with probably 99% of those who looked at the razor packaging and saw it for what it was.
    It looked very much like something that would hurt if it were used incorrectly.

    1. Hey Jack,
      Did you see my friend Lar's comment? He couldn't figure out what that razor packing looked like. He thought it looked like a nose. Well, Lar is straight so I guess he has a different perspective than we do. I spotted the similarity of that packing with something else immediately. (smile)

  3. Hi Ron, Well I'm glad I'm not alone here on this. Very often I'll revert back to being 12 years old. Although most of the time I'm some were around 23years or so. haha. Please don't ever be gone of your inner kid, that's what keeps us young! I'm in my mid 50s and it bugs the heck out of me if I'm in a store when somebody calls me sir. I'm thinking hey! my dad isn't here. You sir are awesome! Hello from NEB. Randy.

    1. Randy,
      You're right! Don't ever lose the inner kid. You have the gift of youth Randy. Don't change a thing. And I feel the same way when someone calls me "Sir." My first impulse is to turn around and see who they're talking too.
      Always good go hear from you Randy.


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