Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Apple Upgrade To Yosemite - No Thanks

Apple's latest suck upgrade - Steve Jobs, where are you that we now need you?

The new dock and toolbar feature a flatter look, which is more in keeping with the design language Apple began to embrace in iOS 7. The new look isn’t so dramatic that users will be confused as to the function and purpose of interface elements, however; the change to the toolbars frees up space to give more usable area to the app upon which it appears, and the new look for Apple’s system apps in the redesigned dock make for easier legibility and recognition.


Apple has come out with their latest "upgrade."  It's called "Yosemite". It sucks.  

I didn't do the last "upgrade" to Maverick because I heard too many complaints about it, mainly how it hogged up all the memory.  Just what I need on my computer, more memory hogging by applications that I would never use in my lifetime.  

I knew there was a problem immediately when I saw the former very user friendly Dock was replaced by a flat, cartoonish, uninspired Dock.  Gone is Apple's commitment to design.  I suspected this would happen when Steve Jobs left the scene.  Who is designing for Apple now?  Former Microsoft nerdies?

Gone is the nice three dimensional Dock.  

To be replaced with a flat, inspired, "you don't need this" Dock.  

I'm venting folks.  

Why is it that when a company comes up with a fabulous design they always "upgrade" it to the point where it sucks!  Remember the original Thunderbird?  

1955 Ford Thunderbird
A cool looking car, right?  

Now look at the last time Ford made a Thunderbird model in 2005:

2005 Ford Thunderbird

It sucks, right?  And they pay people thousands of dollars for these "upgrades."

Hey Apple, go back to your roots and stop complicating things with these so called upgrades, especially when you're going backwards.  Not everyone is a tech guru.


  1. Well Ron - I went ahead and uploaded Yosemite. I don't think I'm as scrupulous as you or as much a researcher. I usually can't tell much difference in the uploads. I had Maverick too. Maybe the technological changes are more beneficial and noticeable for mor complex operations. The computer is great for me but it's just about email, google, youtube, and, garageband when one day I get back to that.

    1. Pat,
      I'll do an upgrade when I see it is beneficial or improves my experience. I haven't seen this with the last two upgrades from Apple. As I feared, I think they're slipping after the loss of Steve Jobs. There is a reason why they have offered both upgrades for free. Larry's not taking the "upgrades" either. This latest upgrade assumes that everyone has an iPhone and/or iPad to interface with their iMac or MacBook Pro. Larry has neither so why should he upgrade? Doesn't make sense. I'll await the next upgrade. Maybe it will benefit how I use my iMac computer.


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