Monday, October 13, 2014

Great Uncle

Me with my only nephew, Isaac W. Tipton ("Ikey") III - 1980
(I still have that shirt - reminder Ron - get rid of it, the expiration date has expired)

One title I'll never have in my lifetime is "father."  Nope, no one will ever call me "Daddy."  Oh sure, I've been called "Mother ____ (fill in the rest of the blanks) but never, NEVER a father. 

Dawn, Ikey me and Karen - 1976 - always an uncle, never a dad

So how do I feel about it?  Mixed feelings actually.  Sure, I've often thought of how it would be cool to have a son or a daughter.  But to be quite frank about it folks, I don't think I have the personality to be a dad.  My personality is be "Uncle Ronnie."  

My four nieces and one nephew - Christmas 1970

I have two younger brothers.  My brother Isaac has three children, two girls and a boy.  My brother John also had three children, two girls and a boy but unfortunately his son died at birth.  So I have four nieces and one nephew.

My brother Isaac and his brood - Christmas 1975

Those nieces and nephew had the following:

Dawn: two children - boy and a girl
Karen: one child - girl
Vickey: seven children - three girls and four boys (she hit the jackpot)
Nancy: no children
Ikey: two children - two girls

Thus I have seven grand nieces and four grand nephews.  And I suspect it won't be too long until one or two great grand nephews and great grand nieces will put in an appearance.  

Brother John and his brood - Christmas 1970
My niece Vickey planned her four kids just right.  The first three were girls.  The next three were boys.  Each girl was assigned a boy to take care of.  Then alone came "Peannut", AKA Nicholas.

Vickey's kids - 2012
Can you imagine me, as a dad to this many kids?  I can't.  But I'll tell you something, my niece Vickey is the perfect mom for her kids.  I've never seen them not totally happy and smiling.  Some people are just made to be moms and some uncles.  God's plan.

Ashleigh with John Mark
Megan with Nicholas Ryan
These boys love their big sisters!

And that's something else I never had . . . a sister.  Neither a big sister or a little sister.  I was assigned the role of Big Brother when I landed on this planet back in 1941.

My Mom with her three boys (Mom is one the right in the back, my Aunt Mabel is on the left) I am on the right with my arms folded, John in the middle and Isaac on the right - we were dressed in the latest fashion of 1951 when this picture was taken.

My grand niece Gabrielle and her mom, my niece Karen

Now I can say that the photo below is of "Uncle Bill" for real since Bill and I got married in 2013.

Ikey, Uncle Bill and Karen - 1976
Alright folks, I'm starting to lose track of the grand nieces and grand nephews.  I suspect that Uncle Ronnie is fading into the past as this mythical person.

Niece Dawn with her daughter Kandace, my grand niece
A few years ago I saw this Thanksgiving picture of my brother Isaac at his son's house for a Thanksgiving dinner.  All relatives, but I bet if I showed up most of them wouldn't recognize me although I'm sure they've heard of "Uncle Ronnie."

The Ike Tipton, Jr. and Ike Tipton III extended family - 2009
I'm starting to get dizzy now folks with all these family pictures.  I'm sure I've confused all of you but you know what?  I will post this blog and after I'm long gone some distant great-great-great grand niece of grand nephew will appreciate what I've done today.  At least I can hope so.

My brother Ike, his son Ike and his grandchildren Cassie and Lindsay - the beat goes on


  1. Ron - always good to see happy smiling faces and family ties. btw - were you ever a lumberjack? Just wondering.


    1. Pat,
      I was a faux lumberjack.

  2. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Cool post. I featured a lot of family in my post tonight! Always good to see them all.

    Peace <3

    1. Thanks Jay. I know my "family posts" won't be of interest to many but I put them out there of the record so when I'm long gone they won't be forgotten. I may not have children of my own but I do have family. We all do.


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