Sunday, October 26, 2014

Will I Move?

Our Delaware home - Casa Tipton-Kelly

When I made the move to Delaware from our wooded sanctuary in Pennsylvania in 2006 I decided that would be my final move.  My next move would be feet first out of this house.  

Bill and I had a lovely home in Pennsylvania but there was no way I could keep up with the ever increasing taxes, specifically the school taxes.  Pennsylvania, like so many other northeastern states, taxes it's senior citizens so unfairly.  Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, et al all have the corrupt political systems and the over generous public employee's unions to fund.  I had to get out of that trap. And I did.  

Our former home in Pennsylvania - "Whispering Pines"

Bill hates Delaware.  Rarely a day goes by that he doesn't remind me how much he hates the flat land.  He loves hills and mountains.  Pennsylvania does have beautiful topography but with the corrupt politicians we just could not live there any more.  I love Delaware.

I just came in from working in our back yard.  Here we have just under an acre of land.  In Pennsylvania we had 6.875 wooded acres on the side of a hill outside of Downingtown Pennsylvania.  Oodles of privacy (which Bill loved) and lots of deer.  I love to garden but the deer ate almost everything so gardening was impossible.  Here in Delaware, all I have to contend with is a few annoying rabbits who just love to devour our impatience plants.  Good news yesterday though, Bill spied a fox.  I haven't seen our resident rabbit since.  Aw, too bad.

After I came in from working in the backyard I told Bill how much I love our property here.  We live in a fabulous neighborhood.  We have great neighbors, best we've ever had in our fifty years together.  Our neighborhood is clean, beautiful and safe.  Sometimes it's a pain getting out because we're on the East side of Route One but actually that's good, because that Route One barrier keeps out the undesirable elements.  We do have a drug problem (right here in River City) and the drug related crimes. Fortunately, our neighborhood isn't the easiest neighborhood to slip into and check unlocked cars and unoccupied homes.  

At times since we moved here, I've often thought would I move again if I got too old to take care of this property?  If Bill died and I'm left alone?  Where would I go?  All options are open but for the time being I am quite happy where I am now, even if Bill isn't.  I may just end up one of those old men who live in a big house by himself.  I can handle that.


  1. I often ask myself, where? I have lived in five states, I like my condo, but taxes and condo fees are high, when my income shrinks where will I go? Downtown, small town, would likely work. I like being near the water.

    1. David,
      If I live that long I may eventually go into a condo in Rehoboth Beach. I like living near the water (ocean). Very comforting and feels just right.

  2. That's too bad you two are at differences to where you live. "Like where you live" is one of the elements of mental health and happiness.

    1. I think Delaware is growing on him.


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